Genius producer / vocal craftsman of Cartoon Planet Industries. Southern boy. Musician of mangled note(s). If you haven't bought the "Musical Barbecue" CD you're only hurting yourself. SGC2C and Cartoon Planet are just about the best reasons for paying the hideous cable bill each month.

Once appeared as himself in Space Ghost Coast To Coast.
Well, sort of.
He was a "space pirate" who took over the airwaves for the SGC2C show from his mother's basement.
Ended with Andy listing his demands, the last one of which was:
"..and I want the show to have a real ending for once and not just cut off in the-" (show ends)

In addition to appearing as Commander Andy of the Cosmos in Freak Show, Andy Merrill has also appeared in person as Space Ghost in the live action episode Woody Allen's Fall Project.

Andy Merrill is also the voice of:
The Sorcerer
Dr. Nightmare Attorney at Law
The male announcer in Spanish Translation
Moltar's singing voice in Edelweiss
The Space Ghost toy Pavement
The Obi-Wan voice-over Switcheroo (1997)

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