The Album

Released in 1980 by Casablanca Records, It's Hard to be Humble is a country album by singer and songwriter, Mac Davis. The humorous album stays true to the traditional country music themes, so you'll hear a lot about drinkin' and lovin' (or both together). Production of this record has discontinued due to Davis' much more popular greatest hits albums, so finding a rare vinyl copy can be difficult outside of an online auction.


Side 1

  1. It's Hard To Be Humble
  2. The Greatest Gift
  3. Let's Keep It That Way
  4. It Was Time
  5. Gravel On The Ground

Side 2

  1. Tequila Sheila
  2. I Will Always Love You
  3. Why Don't We Sleep On It
  4. I Wanta Wake Up With You
  5. I Know You're Out There Somewhere

The Song

Destroying the thin line between confidence and conceit, the title track is a humorous little piece written by, and about Mac Davis. It would have made Muhammad Ali nod his head in understanding considering it follows the boxer's famous quote, "It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am." It is often quoted by pastors and other church leaders as being prideful when they are trying to teach the virtues of humility, however, they miss the point in that it's supposed to be funny. It quickly became one of Davis' most well known songs, and also made it into the Top 10 on the country music charts. As it turns out, the easy-to-learn lyrics and melody coupled with the song's content make it a great drinking song. The most famous version of the song is a live recording where Davis gives a short intro about how it was written.

"Back a few months ago, I was headlining at a great big nightclub, and he put me up a couple days early (I came in a couple days early), and he put me up in what they call the 'Star Suite'. Now hear I am headlining in one of the biggest nightclubs in the country, and I wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning in this "Star Suite", all by myself. (Pity from the audience). Yeah, that's what I said, "Awwww." But I did what I've always done, when I had to cheer myself up. I picked up my geetar, and sat down, and wrote me a little song. Now this is how it feels to be alone at the top of the hill, and tryin' to figure out why..."

Mac Davis

Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble
when you're perfect in every way
I can't wait to look in the mirror
'cause I get better lookin' each day

To know me is to love me
I must be a hell of a man
Oh Lord it's hard to be humble
but I'm doing the best that I can

I used to have a girlfriend
but I guess she just couldn't compete
With all of these love-starved women
who keep clamoring at my feet

Well, I prob'ly could find me another
but I guess they're all in awe of me
Who cares I never get lonesome
'cause I treasure my own company

- Chorus -

I guess you could say I'm a loner
a cowboy outlaw tough and proud
Oh I could have lots of friends if I wanna
but then I wouldn't stand out from the crowd

Some folks say that I'm egotistical
hell I don't even know what that means
I guess it has something to do with the way
that I fill out my skin-tight blue jeans

- Chorus -

It's Hard to be Humble by Mac Davis

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