If a song on an album has the same name as the album itself, that song is the title track. When people are discussing an album, you often hear a title track referred to by the name "the title track" to avoid confusion.

Title tracks are in theory meant to be the focal point of the album, the song that is to the artist the most important one there, either the big radio single or the song which thematically ties together the album. In reality, title tracks usually happen because the artist really liked the name of that one song and was too lazy to come up with a better name for the album.

Great confusion tends to happen when an album's title track becomes a popular single-- for an example see both of Britney Spears' albums-- because then you have an album and a single floating around with the same name. Of course, when this happens, as in Britney Spears case, you can often assume that not a lot of craftsmanship was put into the album's remaining tracks, and that those responsible for the album don't care much about noding for the ages.. only about focusing everything about the band in that point in time into that one song..focused in the public mind around that one song, that one radio single, and absolutely nothing else on the album is important at all... >

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