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There are many things that i would like to say to you but i don't know how.

If you are looking for something to read, i would like to suggest some of the following. I am proud of all of my nodes, but i am unusually proud of the following.

Also, if this interests you, i have some ambient music i made posted at . That page is a bit out of date, though, so if you like it at all, check from time to time-- i will be releasing an album through that site sometime soon, and when that happens there will be some new mp3s up there..

I am not quite certain why you or anyone else would care about that, though.

I would like at some time to start writing things again.

((( I got a homenode image for doing nothing but sitting here for a year! My world is rocked! The picture is from Ufouria, the coolest video game ever. YAY!! )))

<gurx> Well, nobody could know that unless they already know about Steve Jackson Games, right, so that's an IMPLIED ADMISSION on the part of the E2 administrapo that, like, there's no such thing as information or something. Or else that there is, but you have to know it for it to be useful. I think.


There is a neat toy at

(nodeshells_/: geoprocessing wizard.This flower is dead.the 1-10 selector box.Boring But True.Is Mumia free yet? I've had this bumper sticker on my car for three weeks now....The Sandman Timeline.New search is planned as tips revive hunt for boy.Where have you hidden my heart, Oh Carmen Sandiego?.Nobody Gets Eated Up By The Vampire..i am your slave.random acts of yellow.Twilight of the Cockroaches.Sorry. EBUs did all the fun stuff already. Now get back to work..slow things are beautiful.lambda core.They don't know how to dance, and don't really care how to did I get here, Sarah.I have a doomsday device.A very cheap talking clock !.So, the ";-)" is supposed to make it all better?.carbon-plaster mesh.Bacon. All of it..Anymore will be cut off.You blink thrice warned that I can but think of the eyebrows of Richard Nixon.selling hitler.Red French Reduced Calorie (1 pkg).something wrong with her skin, it was not her mind at all..leave this node.LNDP3.Three biological differences of Native Americans.Dreaming: naked.would be an excellent name for a rock.many of me, laid end to end, would never reach the moon.flying self-disassembly machine.I have been here. I have done things..leg sweep.female special agents.I have been showing you what a warrior is not..window.locationbar.on the failure of one small community in achieving its dreams and/or goals.Religion is the Absence of Knowledge.A Proposal For An Expedition To Our Hollow Earth.My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama.I'm good at attracting women that I'm not attracted to.given enough time all that is meaningful is reduced to noise.noside user.Arguing for a viewpoint generally indicates that you feel it is "correct".Although Microsoft has no plans to market the idea.she told how every night a man came and lay down beside her when the lights were all put out, and how she never saw his face.You Are Special.I was such an idiot as a child.AI is whatever hasn't been done yet.deftly manipulating the construct for my own purposes.She has a voice like a modem.dragon's blood is surprisingly warming.lets all make mistakes.i could sleep now.I hit a teacher with a minivan.We're sorry to inform you: Tony Orlando has been postponed.Wierd Old Men In Bathtubs.everyone you love will reject you or die.I wanted to write a poem that you would understand.He can't talk because he's a 1984 i was hospitalized for approaching perfection.ja_son reminds me of Dr. Bronner sometimes.this has nothing to do with lesbians.I hear a totally original piece of music... EACH TIME I KILL!.biostratigraphy.I reserve the right to bone you and eat a club sandwich.Miracle Violence Combination.It was late when he came home; it woke you more bad future.intravenous drug use.I am God because of:.When Will They Learn Not To Build Cities On Swamps?.line of control.There is likely no one left who remembers.How to tell if a person is truly ugly.Things I've noticed about electrical schematics.context is data.I would like to know in intimate detail the shape of your bellybutton.look at the tiger. look at the fucking tiger. stop picking your nose and look at the fucking tiger. it took us ages to film.You Are *Not* Ayn Rand..WHEN DID I BECOME A BITTER OLD MAN?.false and glimmering public.No, No! The Vengeful spirit of Pinchemadre haunts me, even in death!.Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me.we don't know how summer is done, and are appalled by it.What if we all woke up one day and there were no more SUVs?.Loving is the ocean, kissing is the wet sand.a giant stream of white stuff.PF TEK.ain't no turtle.GIVE ME COINS AND I WILL ENJOY YOU.The lightning jumped into me..only a special halo around what is written can give the illusion that you are reading also what is unwritten.I believe he's gonna work me into the ground.Any more will be cut off.A question is an idea..citizens against ugly street.all good electronics fear abandonment.the system begins at Level's cold. and there are wolves after me..i live without eyes.Combined Federal Campaign.Split EP.Prayers are Appreciated.Structure of the Visual Book.Different ways of running into things, mostly windows.CPT symmetry.playing music too loud.npb.everything.nodes.E2Node.create test 01.The physics of spin bowling.We're All Americans Now.loose indexing structure?.Still $11.The guy calling your name.quotient space.Any nation which refuses to speak English obviously has something to hide.kinky machine.The Rape-Trivialization Metanode.the proverbial fraction of splintered glacial floe above sea level.I did it all for the scene.change request.DO NOT STAND IN OUR WAY! WE WILL WALK AROUND YOU!.Spaceballs's Relation To Star Wars.I have nothing to say mom is better than your mom and your dad.Untalkative Bunny.all wanderers aren't lost.never suggest Michel Foucault.Why do I try and dismantle a girl that was never assembled in the first place?.human warmth.Americans on Injustice: "Fuck It".Our malls are only getting larger..Over and over it would rain so that we could not dig the body up.Would you like to read my poem?.depressed mode.I called the president of Pez a motherfucker.vantage point.Why chose death?.I was going to node something.If you don't like my sweet potato, what made you dig so deep?.go weiqi.PEPSI IS INHERENTLY EVIL. DO NOT USE PEPSI FOR EMPIRICAL PURPOSES..I sometimes get these all of the sudden big frowns.stuffed WAY back under the couch.Yes I want a motherfucking cookie god damn it..MP3 sound quality stop loss orders.Excuse me, sir? We are the bat people. We will now sing..everyone man pages.NAMESPACE ALL HUMANS!.On the paper of the sea draw a shield in blue ink for shelter.i am the center of the universe metanode.God: A Sitting on the Fence Perspective.I hate it all, but there must be more to hate than this.Hope is our anchor, in the same sense that a bag of cats thrown into the river might have a brick as their anchor.sketchzilla.Mammals are mammals: If you tell people that sex is dirty, they'll conclude that dirt is sexy.clientdev: Offline Editor Testing."Will you forget about me?" he asked.but I was completely obessesed at the time.I've recently discovered that I was terribly extremely powerful heat ray of some sort.unmentionable computer company.Warning, local content.Ack! I have more messages than writeups!.Black Spiral Dancers.Dear Dad. Don't worry about me. I am in Mexico with some beautiful people..0.5.Warning Label: Memorex CD-RW platinum.first time disoriented.Hunting and Surviving the Sinking State Problem with a Cable Modem.i do not know if i am trying to give attention or take it.We need the eggs.What Reagan Didn't Know.some nodeshells just plain suck)

(More Nodeshells: which one is the bot?.Microwave Frequency Band Desgination System.Grolier's encycolpedia)

See also the list on the homenode of Saige

mcc: they say they are "experimental knitting factory music"
bioslate: boy is that redundant

The /dev/null nodes have been nuked.

I dedicate this homenode in remembrance of them.

I have a small number of things to say. I'm going to finish writing it, put it here, and post some of my Node Heaven to this homenode. Then i'm going to disappear for awhile. I'll probably come back at some point, but it isn't like it would make a difference.

Well, okay, i meant to. I haven't gotten around to it yet.

It seems like i haven't gotten around to an awful lot of things lately.

and i am fourty-two & 2

]   -      -                      -                       -         
- - - - -    
We are aiming for the worst and it will not be that bad
-    ---------------------------------------------------------------

"I'm very religious, yes. But I have my own religion. In Iceland it doesn't makes sense two people be in the same religion. It's like have the same fingerprint." --Björk


you can cry until there is nothing wet in you.

You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures.

You can pray, all you want, to whatever god you think will listen.

And still it makes no difference.

It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you.

And you know if you ever did relent

it would not be because it cared

-Johnny C.
written in blood before everything went black

i have nothing to say lately
yes. i do miss sensei.

<Oog> What is the sound of Everything2 clapping?
<dannye> Smarsh.

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