Jumping around and running into people while listening to music. It is usually done on the floor at a concert or in a mosh pit, as moshing in your seats can hurt quite a bit. Mostly done to harder music, as it is difficult to mosh to Jewel or Britney Spears. The best places to mosh are small venues that have no seats where everyone is really excited and can get a running start. My two favorite bands to mosh to are Nine Inch Nails and The Deftones.

I do frequent nightclubs. I frequent Rock City, in fact - allegedly the finest rock club in the East Midlands, and certainly in Nottingham. The nights I have been, people tell me I should come down on other nights, because there's this thing called a 'mosh'. Now I have no idea what is this thing called 'mosh', coming as I do from another generation, so I did the sensible thing, and asked...
<call> Installin' BeOS and linstenin' to The Birthday Party. It's difficult to mosh on one's own
wertperch looks at call and wonders exactly what a mosh is. 'cos the node still hasn't told me...
<call> Similar to pogo, wert
<ConfusionTheWaitress> to mosh is to nod in agreement, very violently and to the beat of music.
<wertperch> Now you're talking my language, call! It's a dance-floor blood sport then?
<call> Hell yeah.
<AwkwardSaw> my tip of the day: if you're at a particularly tough show, and people walk in with tires, run the hell away.
<ConfusionTheWaitress> apparently, this one time, while moshing I inadvertantly broke someone's nose (I *so* didn;t mean it, honest) so, yeah, you could be right there.
A dictionary definition says:

To knock against others intentionally while dancing at a rock concert; slam-dance.

To knock against (someone) intentionally while dancing at a rock concert.

I was right! Moshing is a blood sport

I'm still unsure about the tires, though. Well, AwkwardSaw told me the story. If you want to know, ask nicely...


Mosh is what you do in a mosh pit.

Picture this: anywhere from a dozen to a hundred angsty teenage kids listening to their favorite get-your-blood-pumping/damn-the-Man music, releasing sexual and societal frustration as well as injuring thy neighbor and getting some much-needed exercise all in one fell swoop by accelerating their bodies to relatively high velocities and crashing haphazardly into one other. Those who are adept at moshing will come back from the pit with nary a scrape, save for those received on purpose, whereas those new at the ritual will sometimes end up beaten to a bloody pulp (not purposefully either). As the mosh pit node will inform you, most moshing is done at punk music shows, though the cultivation of proper moshing can be done in many varied environments. This type of moshing is never really planned, it just sorta happens.

Although generally seen in mosh pits at punk shows across the country and world, moshing is definitely not restricted to the pit. Small-group moshing often occurs in places that it shouldn't, such as nice restaurants, crowded theaters, small elevators, you get the idea. Thrashy music is not necessary for good moshing either (though it does help); moshing can be accompanied by the yells of those involved, elevator music, or perhaps even a string quartet without any serious drawbacks. Malls, sidewalks and high school hallways are popular places for medium- to large-group moshing, where more space allows for more people and increased audience visibility. However, this sort of moshing differs from the "standard" punk show moshing in at least two ways:

A) Meaning:
Instead of being an expression of rage or frustration at the System or one's conditions, the new school of moshing can be used in juxtaposition to an apparently serious situation to accentuate said situation's inherent silliness, or can be in many ways an example of social commentary. Somewhat similar to a flash mob.

B) Planning:
Whereas punk show moshing is always unplanned (though possibly expected), the new school of moshing sometimes benefits greatly from a well thought out mosh (things to consider: escape routes, if need be; props or music, for effect; costumes, also for effect).

Nothing is necessary except at least a couple willing people: you don't need much space, you don't need any music, and you don't even need that many warm bodies. In dire circumstances, I've been known to pull off a well-executed bit of moshing with only two other people. Even a purpose isn't required, as new school moshing can be spontaneous and unprovoked as an expression of the Here and Now.

In Ray Kurzweil's book, The Age of Spiritual Machines, MOSH is an acronym for "Mostly Original Substrate Humans."

In the book, Kurzweil theorizes about the rise of advanced computer technology and artificial intelligence. He foresees that in the future, the line between machines and humans will become indistinguishable, and that most humans will be enhanced by neural implants. A MOSH is someone who does not have any enhancements, which according to Kurzweil will be unusual by 2099.

MOSH is also an acronym for the Museum of Science and History which is located in the heart of Jacksonville, FL.

MOSH is a cool museum with an emphasis on natural history. (I guess MOSANH just doesn't roll off the tongue as well as MOSH.)

They have a giant alligator snapping turtle named Tonca and a tesla coil and lots and lots of Van de Graf generators and more fossils than you can shake a stick at. They also have a planetarium that, while not exactly state-of-the-art, does provide a decent simulation of the night sky minus the light poliution of a city. Their planetarium also sometimes does (cheesy) laser light shows featuring the music of Pink Floyd and others.

While not as big as other science museums, it is definitely worth checking out if you find yourself stuck in Jacksonville for a day or two.

Overall a very child-friendly place, unlike a mosh pit. When I was little I went to summer camps there and met an older kid who wore shirts from cool bands who told me about the more general meaning of mosh.

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