Think of this as the Copyright Compliant Lyric and Poetry Hall of Fame. The Everything2 writers took the time to bring some of their work out of the shadows and into the realm of copyright approval, according to the current US laws. There are four separate groupings:

  • Writeups that maintain less than 250 words of quoted materials and more than 2/3rds of the writeup is original material by the noder. These are the real Hall of Fame nodes.
  • Writeups that exceed 250 words of quoted materials and have either been granted permission to repost by the copyright owner or permission has been requested (and the request was CC'd to the Content_Salvage account).
  • Writeups that have public domain material, and therefore are exempt from the above rules.

If you have an addition for this list, please /msg the user named Content_Salvage.

Hall of Fame Writeups:

  1. A Holiday Wish by Servo5678
  2. A narrow Fellow in the Grass by Lometa
  3. Addicted to Bass by bexxta
  4. Ana's Song (Open Fire) by kaytay
  5. As imperceptibly as grief by Lometa
  6. Baba O'Riley by LaylaLeigh
  7. Black and blue by Orpheum
  8. Bright Eyes by Lometa
  9. Carl Heine by in10se
  10. Collect Telegram from a Mad Dog by Simpleton
  11. come on eileen by Gamaliel
  12. Crippled Inside by Two Sheds
  13. Die Geschichte Einer Mutter by Xwiz
  14. Don Juan de Marco by GrouchyOldMan
  15. Earth Crisis by Davidian
  16. Fisherman's Blues by toalight
  17. Get your Juices going by Orpheum
  18. Green Grass of Tunnel by Izubachi
  19. I'm Not Sleeping by Two Sheds
  20. It Doesn't Matter Anymore by Two Sheds
  21. Jerusalem by arieh
  22. Jesus at McDonald's by Chris-O
  23. Jon Stewart by Servo5678
  24. Keen, Fitful Gusts are Whisp'ring Here and There by Lometa
  25. Künstliche Welten by avalyn
  26. Late Show Top Ten by Servo5678
  27. Les Fleur by decimetre
  28. Like I Love You by Davidian
  29. little tiny song by jurph
  30. Maine by ueni
  31. Metric Figure by Posmella
  32. Mr. Jones by Orpheum
  33. Myxomatosis by izubachi
  34. No one knows my plan by chacha
  35. Oh My Love by Two Sheds
  36. On Children by isogolem
  37. On Marriage by isogolem
  38. On the Death of Dr. Benjamin Franklin by Lometa
  39. Pleasant Valley Sunday by Lometa
  40. Power To The People by Two Sheds
  41. Preface to Milton by Lometa
  42. Reply (Crumpled on Her Desk) by Lometa
  43. Scythe Song by wertperch
  44. Smashing... Live! by Servo5678
  45. Stormy Monday by drownzsurf
  46. Straight To You by anamnesis
  47. Superstylin' by bexxta
  48. That'll Be The Day by Two Sheds
  49. The Ballad of John and Yoko by Lennon
  50. The Killer Angels by in10se
  51. The Very Thought of You by ueni
  52. There is by bane221
  53. Ugolino della Gherardesca by Oeq1st1
  54. Urban Decay by Servo5678
  55. Warsaw Pact by JoeBaldwin
  56. Weapon of Choice by ueni
  57. Wild Is the Wind by toalight
  58. Wine and Water by Lometa
  59. You're So Vain by Lennon
  60. Margaritaville by originalzin

Compliant Writeups:

  1. (listen) by dutchess
  2. 120 Mph by Rufus42
  3. 1984 by GOM
  4. 4am by Tehbesto
  5. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) by Chris-O
  6. A Child's Garden of Verses Comprises 61 writeups per Lometa
  7. A Murder of One by Orpheum
  8. A Penguin by Lometa
  9. A Woman's Reason by Lometa
  10. Adding Up Numbers by Rufus42
  11. Against All Odds by Servo5678
  12. Amber waves by Scharlot
  13. American Wake by malloc
  14. An Alphabet of Famous Goops by Lometa
  15. anime by mowph
  16. Anna Begins by Orpheum
  17. Attack and Release by ToadChild
  18. Autumn Sonata by GrouchyOldMan
  19. Beware of the boys by Davidian
  20. Black no. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) by anamnesis
  21. Bring Me To Life by generic-man
  22. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show by Lometa
  23. Casino Royale by Eponymous
  24. Chan by mowph
  25. Choochtown by Fuzzy and Blue
  26. Christopher Marlowe by Lometa
  27. Colonel Bogey March by eponymous
  28. Crawling by kaytay
  29. Crazy by Scharlot
  30. Cuttooth by 00100
  31. Danse Russe by Lometa
  32. David and Goliath by in10se
  33. Demon Cleaner by blandoon
  34. Der Todessynthesizer by Rufus42
  35. Destroy Mass Media by ToadChild
  36. DiGi Charat by Dregan
  37. Disposable Heroes by Davidian
  38. Dixie Crossroads by Servo5678
  39. Dogfight by Wntrmute
  40. Don't make me come to Vegas by Scharlot
  41. Dr. No by Eponymous
  42. Dr. Phil's Words of Wisdom by Servo5678
  43. Dreamworld by Spasemunki
  44. Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries by Ikura
  45. Eternal Father by Lometa
  46. Fire on the Mountain by lovejoyman
  47. Folsom Prison Blues by fuzzy and blue
  48. forevergreen by Ashley_Pomeroy
  49. Formal Application by thyme
  50. Fuck the Pain Away by XWiz
  51. Funky Broadway by drownzsurf
  52. fup. store cat. by Oakling
  53. get your filthy hands off my desert by Lord Brawl
  54. Ghost by anamnesis
  55. Gonads and Strife by oakling
  56. Goodnight Elisabeth by Orpheum
  57. Goops and How to Be Them by Lometa
  58. Heart of Glass by XWiz
  59. Heffalumps and woozles by in10se
  60. His Dark Materials by Orpheum
  61. Hokey Cokey by BuffcorePhil
  62. Holiday in Spain by in10se
  63. How to win at nintendo games by Servo5678
  64. I Blew Up The United States by rev_matt_y
  65. I Hate Israel by Catchpole
  66. I keep six honest serving men by SharQ
  67. I Love Butter by Eponymous
  68. I Still Call Australia Home by twd
  69. I taste a liquor never brewed by Lometa
  70. I’m Glad by caknuck
  71. I'm Cute by SharQ
  72. I'm Gonna Watch You Sleep by fuzzy and blue
  73. In Effect by ToadChild
  74. In The Duchess Of Malfi, the horrors of act IV, scene i are less important than the characters' reaction to them by turkeyphant
  75. IncrEdibles by servo5678
  76. Irwin Mainway by Servo5678
  77. It’s Hard to be Humble by in10se
  78. Jolt Cola by in10se
  79. Just the Way You Are by servo5678
  80. K is for Kompressor by ToadChild
  81. kawaii by mowph
  82. Kenneth Starr Revue by oakling
  83. Kids in America by Snicker Furfoot
  84. Killing of a Flashboy by Catchpole
  85. Kingdom Hearts by Milen
  86. Kompressor Power by ToadChild
  87. Kompressor want to get with You by ToadChild
  88. Lawsuit by oakling
  89. Legend of Zelda: Sing Along Fun by Dregan
  90. Limerick by Lometa
  91. Lo Tek by Wntrmute
  92. Longitudes & Attitudes by GrouchyOldMan
  93. Lord, Guard and guide the men who fly by Lometa
  94. Lupus Yonderboy by Wntrmute
  95. Management Techniques of the Bottom 95% of U.S. Corporation by Anml4ixoye
  96. Marine's Hymn by Lometa
  97. mass by GS_Threeve
  98. May 31, 2002 (place) by princess loulou
  99. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses by oakling
  100. Miami by Orpheum
  101. Midnight Rendezvous by ToadChild
  102. mijnheer de president by RubenAzarja
  103. mimetic polycarbon by Wntrmute
  104. Moi ... Lolita by SharQ
  105. Morrison's Lament by SkinWalker
  106. Musikkassett by ToadChild
  107. My Decision by cmyr
  108. My Feet by Lometa
  109. Never Talk To Strangers by Rufus42
  110. nihonjin by mowph
  111. Not in Nottingham by Lennon
  112. Not Myself by izubachi
  113. Now My Heart Is Full by Blush Response
  114. Old Jerusalem by Blush Response
  115. Old Susan by Lometa
  116. On Digital Extremities by Lometa
  117. On Seeing the Elgin Marbles by Lometa
  118. One Drop by eponymous
  119. One Man Army by TehBesto
  120. Oranges & Lemons by oakling
  121. Panther Modern by Wntrmute
  122. Pardoning of the presidential turkey by in10se
  123. Pass the Gun Around by toalight
  124. Pea by Awestruck Dove
  125. Peace Somewhere by oakling
  126. Perfect Blue Buildings by Orpheum
  127. Pickapart by Bexxta
  128. Pictures of Lily by LaylaLeigh
  129. pink elephants by in10se
  130. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors by izubachi
  131. Punished by Rewards by dutchess
  132. Puttin' On the Ritz by Ereneta
  133. Rappers We Crush by Rufus42
  134. Red Robot Theme Song by ToadChild
  135. Reel Around The Fountain by Blush Response
  136. Renaissance Fair by Two Sheds
  137. Revolution 1 by Lennon
  138. rift by Jurph
  139. Ripple by sfc
  140. Rose Tint My World by isogolem
  141. Round Here by Orpheum
  142. Saint Stephen by Grzcyrgba
  143. Samurai Jack by TenMinJoe
  144. San Francisco by Lometa
  145. Shiawase ni Naritai by telyni
  146. shrubbery by GS_Threeve
  147. Signs of Compulsive Debting by Oakling
  148. Solitude by Davidian
  149. St. Robinson in His Cadillac Dream by Orpheum
  150. Star Guitar by nkrblue
  151. Stereo System by ToadChild
  152. Strange by Scharlot
  153. Strange by Scharlot
  154. Street Window by Lometa
  155. Stronger Than by Rufus42
  156. Sugar Bear by in10se
  157. Sweeney Among the Nightingales by Lometa
  158. Sweet Home Alabama by Gamaliel
  159. Sweet Sangria by Scharlot
  160. Sweet Sangria by Scharlot
  161. Taxman by LaylaLeigh
  162. The Belonging Kind by Wntrmute
  163. The Burgess Nonsense Book by Lometa
  164. The Countess Cathleen by Lometa
  165. The Diamond Smugglers by Eponymous
  166. The First Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review by Servo5678
  167. The Floorless Room by Lometa
  168. The Fountain of Salmacis by Withnail
  169. The Highwayman by Lometa
  170. The ideal woman by arieh
  171. The Je Ne Scai Quoi by Lometa
  172. The Lazy Roof by Lometa
  173. The Long Gray Line by in10se
  174. The majority of X support Y by kalen
  175. The Purple Cow: Suite by Lometa
  176. The Revolution was Postponed Because of Rain by decimetre
  177. The Thames Valley Catastrophe by oakling
  178. The Vineyard by bizza
  179. The Wanderer by fuzzy and blue
  180. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More by dutchess
  181. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers by bizza
  182. Thoughts in the Presence of Fear by Ereneta
  183. To Love Everything by Ikura
  184. Tom McRae by turkeyphant
  185. Touch Me by Bexxta
  186. TV Nation Polls by servo5678
  187. TV Nation by Servo5678
  188. Tweeter and the Monkey Man by Chris-O
  189. Two Word Poem by mowph
  190. Wampum prayer by Scharlot
  191. wasabi by mowph
  192. Watford Gap by Albert Herring
  193. we don't need the men by oakling
  194. we have a map of the piano by izubachi
  195. We must destroy x10 by ToadChild
  196. Wednesday by Scharlot
  197. Wednesday by Scharlot
  198. What Sound by Bexxta
  199. When Bobby Comes Down by Fuzzy and Blue
  200. William Glasser by dutchess
  201. Working Class Hero by eponymous
  202. Yiyeh Tov by arieh
  203. you should be sober by oakling
  204. You Will Call Me Kompressor by Rufus42
  205. Your Cloud by Scharlot
  206. Zero to Phantom by Rufus42

Permission Received or Requested:

  1. Betaseron by Joyeuse
  2. Big as Life by fuzzy_and_blue
  3. Bill Gates Must Die by misuba
  4. Blood of the Wolf by fuzzy_and_blue
  5. Chicago Poem by Simpleton
  6. Creeque Alley by Lometa
  7. Denny's by Snicker Furfoot
  8. Everything and More by dutchess
  9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Simpleton
  10. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Simpleton
  11. Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ‘72 by Simpleton
  12. Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 by Simpleton
  13. Ham on Rye by Simpleton
  14. Hamell on Trial by fuzzy_and_blue
  15. Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga by Simpleton
  16. Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga by Simpleton
  17. Hot House Ball by Pint
  18. I Can't Resist (Messin' With My Baby) by TwoSheds
  19. If the government wasn't involved in the Sept 11 attacks, what was it doing? by decimetre
  20. If you could read my mind by Stride
  21. I'm Gonna Watch You Sleep by fuzzy_and_blue
  22. Jesus at McDonald's by Chris-O
  23. John Lennon by fuzzy_and_blue
  24. Kitab-i-Aqdas by Hermes_wr
  25. Ladies' Nite in Loserville by Metacognizant
  26. Long Tall Cool One by Pint
  27. multiple personalities by oakling
  28. nothing is as effective as defeat by Simpleton
  29. Open Up the Gates by fuzzy_and_blue
  30. Piccolo Joe by fuzzy_and_blue
  31. repo man by cmyr
  32. The Ballad Of Dan by Lord Brawl
  33. The flame to end all flames by in10se
  34. The last night of the earth poems by Simpleton
  35. The Meeting by fuzzy_and_blue
  36. The Rum Diary by Simpleton
  37. The Rum Diary by Simpleton
  38. The Seven Valleys by Hermes_wr
  39. To one in paradise by eponymous
  40. White Wheeled Limousine by Pint
  41. Why Won't Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up and Die? by oakling

Public Domain Works:

  1. "Hello, Man!" - "Axe Handle" by Sverre
  2. "BOOH"! by KissThis
  3. "Faith" is a fine invention by Lometa
  4. A Dream by SharQ
  5. A Good-night by Lometa
  6. A LESSON FOR KINGS by KissThis
  7. A little east of Jordan by Lometa
  8. A Story of a Priest
  9. by Sverre
  10. A VALENTINE by KissThis
  11. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life by Lometa
  12. An Enemy of the People by Sverre
  13. Asbjørnsen and Moe by Sverre
  14. AT PLAY by KissThis
  15. Auguries of Innocence by Posmella
  16. Bamse Brakar by Sverre
  17. Banks of the Sacramento by Ereneta
  18. BEARD AND BABY by KissThis
  19. Bellbirds by Lometa
  20. Benediction by kaytay
  21. Caliban Upon Setebos by Imprecation
  22. Carl Hamblin by Siobhan
  23. Casabianca by Lometa
  24. Correspondances by kaytay
  25. Days Too Short by Lometa
  26. Duck and Cover! by Any
  27. Dyson Spheres: A Treatise by Dialogue
  28. Ebudae by Ubiquity
  29. Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing by oakling
  30. Elevation by kaytay
  31. Everyone Thinks The Best About Their Own Children by Sverre
  32. Familiar Lines by Lometa
  33. Fata Morgana by Lometa
  34. Femmes Damnées - Delphine et Hippolyte by kaytay
  35. FIDDLE-DEE-DEE by KissThis
  36. FISHERMAN JIM'S KIDS by KissThis
  37. For the Fallen by Posmella
  38. GARDEN AND CRADLE by KissThis
  40. Googly-Goo by KissThis
  41. Hard Times by turkeyphant
  42. History Lesson Part II by kthejoker
  43. How Do I Love Thee? by Scribe
  45. I Know a Song That Gets on Everybody's Nerves by Ereneta
  46. I like to see it lap the miles by Lometa
  47. If I Were King by Lometa
  48. Indian Fairy Tales by KissThis
  50. J'aime le souvenir de ces époques nues by kaytay
  51. Javanese Dancers by Lometa
  52. JEST 'FORE CHRISTMAS by KissThis
  53. June Night by Lometa
  54. June by Lometa
  55. KISSING TIME by KissThis
  56. La Muse Malade by kaytay
  57. La Muse Vénale by kaytay
  58. Lady Button-Eyes by KissThis
  59. Laughing Rose by Lometa
  60. Le Cygne by kaytay
  61. Les Phares by kaytay
  62. Let Go of the Spruce Root And Grab the Fox's Foot! by Sverre
  63. LITTLE ALL-ALONEY by KissThis
  64. Little Miss Brag by KissThis
  65. LITTLE-OH-DEAR by KissThis
  66. Love-Songs of Childhood by KissThis
  67. May Day by Lometa
  68. Mikkel Wants to Taste Horse Meat by Sverre
  69. My life closed twice before its close by Lometa
  70. Myxomatosis by BrianShader
  71. Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be? by Ereneta
  72. On the late Massecher in Piemont by Lometa
  74. Pål Andrestua by Sverre
  75. Parfum Exotique by kaytay
  76. Peace - Introduction by ebbixx
  77. Poetics by ebbixx
  79. PUNCHKIN by KissThis
  80. Robinson Crusoe by Lometa
  81. Roll on, Columbia, Roll on by Lennon
  82. SEEIN' THINGS by KissThis
  84. Simply messing about in boats by GrouchyOldMan
  85. So, so, ROCK-A-BY SO! by KissThis
  86. Song of the Western Men by nol
  87. Song by Posmella
  88. Sonnet to a Clam by Lometa
  89. Spleen by kaytay
  90. Stupid Men and Trolls for Wives by Sverre
  91. Success Is Counted Sweetest by Davidian
  92. Summer Wind by Lometa
  94. The Bench-Legged Fyce by KissThis
  95. The Bottle Tree by KissThis
  96. The Box with Strange Content by Sverre
  97. The Boy and The Devil by Sverre
  98. The Boy who Went to the North Wind and Demanded the Flour Back by Sverre
  99. THE BROKEN POT by KissThis
  100. The bustle in a house by Lometa
  101. The City Dead-House by Lord Brawl
  102. The Cock and the Fox by Sverre
  103. The Cock and the Hen by Sverre
  104. The Cremation of Sam McGee by Lometa
  108. The Deserted Wife by Lometa
  109. The Devil and the Bailiff by Sverre
  110. THE DINKEY-BIRD by KissThis
  111. THE DOLL'S WOOING by KissThis
  112. THE DRUM by KissThis
  113. The Duchess of Malfi by turkeyphant
  114. The Entente Cordiale Between England and France by Lometa
  115. The Father of the House by Sverre
  116. THE FLY-AWAY HORSE by KissThis
  117. The Fox as a Shepherd by Sverre
  118. The Fox Widow
  119. by Sverre
  120. The Gertrude Bird by Sverre
  121. The Great Figure by Lometa
  122. THE HAPPY HOUSEHOLD by KissThis
  123. The Harbor by Lometa
  124. The Hare Who Got Married by Sverre
  125. The Humming Top by KissThis
  126. The Jutul and Johannes Blessom by Sverre
  127. The Key in the Rock Head by Sverre
  128. THE LAMBIKIN by KissThis
  129. THE LION AND THE CRANE by KissThis
  130. The Listeners by Lometa
  131. The Little Horses by Lometa
  132. The Lord and St. Peter Wandering by Sverre
  133. The Lord's Bride by Sverre
  134. THE MAGIC FIDDLE by KissThis
  135. The Man From Athabasca by Lometa
  136. The Man who Stayed to Tend the House by Sverre
  137. The Meditation of the Old Fisherman by Lometa
  138. The Merchant Of Venice by BrianShader
  139. The Merchant of Venice by turkeyphant
  140. The Morning Girl by Lometa
  141. THE NIGHT WIND by KissThis
  142. The Pig and His Way of Life by Sverre
  143. The Portent by Lometa
  144. The Priest and the Bell Ringer by Sverre
  145. The Princess No-one Could Silence by Sverre
  146. The Ride To Bumpville by KissThis
  147. THE ROCK-A-BY LADY by KissThis
  148. The Seventh Father of the House by Sverre
  149. THE SHUT-EYE TRAIN by KissThis
  150. THE SONG OF LUDDY-DUD by KissThis
  151. THE SOOTHSAYER'S SON by KissThis
  152. The Soul has Bandaged moments- by Lometa
  153. The Stork by KissThis
  154. The Suppliant by Lometa
  157. The Walloping Window-Blind by Lometa
  158. The War Prayer by Lometa
  159. The Young Boys Who Met Trolls in Hedal Forest by Sverre
  160. Thomas MacDonagh by Lometa
  161. Through the Looking Glass by Lometa
  162. Tom Thumb
  163. by Sverre
  164. When Askeladden and the Troll had an Eating Competition by Sverre
  165. When Askeladden Made the Princess Give Up by Sverre
  166. WHEN I WAS A BOY by KissThis
  167. When the Bear And the Fox Shared a Field by Sverre
  168. When the Ram and the Pig Went to the Forest to Live on Their Own by Sverre
  169. Will O' the Mill; Death by drownzsurf
  170. Will O' the Mill; The Parson's Marjory by drownzsurf
  171. Will O' the Mill; The Plain and the Stars by drownzsurf
  172. Woman Against the Flow by Sverre