From the album Are You OK? by Was (Not Was) (1990 - Chrysalis/Capitol).

An odd, melodic tune. Apparently banned by Clear Channel after the World Trade Center attacks. While the song doesn't advocate any violent acts, or present any sort of motive for doing so, it does contain imagery of the process and aftermath.

The perpetrator explains that he has set charges in the four corners of the country (Maine, Florida, Washington,California), gave warning, and started the fuses at the begin of the network news. The chorus presents an indication of a potential insanity plea by claiming that all he did was listen to the Fates.

He goes on to describe the end of the Statue of liberty as such:

I put plastique in the Statue of Liberty
And my nerves got a little bit jittery
Poor little lady, there goes her head
Her arm is melting and her eyes turned red

The bridge attempts to explain that this is all well within the bounds of activities protected in the Constitution, in that the United States is a free country and he was simple exercising his right to bear arms.

This rewrite has been a Copyright Redemption Quest. CST Approved

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