People call this gun M4A1 Carbine with Silencer in full. Usually favoured by Counter-Terrorists, the police, and the SAS. Here's some details I remember last time I used this nice trendy gun.

Manufacturer: Colt
Cost: $3100
Ammo Per Clip/Ammo Held in Weapon: 30 rounds
Max Reserved Ammo: 90 Rounds
Special Weapon Function: Attach/Detach Silencer
Power: High
Range: Medium
Accuracy: Medium
Ammo: 5.56mm slugs (30-round mags)
Reload speed: Medium
Cyclic rate: High

Overview: One of the most kick-ass guns in CS, you'll find yourself using this a lot. It's stealthy, semi-accurate, and packs quite a punch. The silencer is optional, but does decrease damage it deals with the prize of making yourself quieter, obviously.

Personally I think this gun is very cool. One of the most commonly used in Counter-Strike. When fired, it rattles like hell. But put on the silencer then you've got cool pu pu pu pu sounds.

This gun was used by Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 when she was assassinating Dyson. Also, Arnold Swartsinigger used it on the T-1000, pummelling him with M4A1 bullets in the liquid nitrogen truck.

The Colt M4A1 is essentially a carbinized M16A3. It has an option for automatic fire, and a Picatinny rail under the top carrying handle(along the top of the receiver) for mounting various sighting gear, as well as Rail Interface System(RIS) on the front handguard for mounting forward tactical grips, grenade launchers, laser sights, etc.

Like the Colt M4, the M4A1 has a shortened barrel and front handguard, and a telescoping carbine-style buttstock. Basically the only difference between the two is the rails and automatic fire on the M4A1, as opposed to the three-round burst of the M4(whose rifle counterpart is the M16A2)

The M4A1 is becoming very popular in the Special Operations community, as it has so much room for expansion. The SOPMOD(Special Operations Peculiar MODification) M4A1 can turn the weapon into any number of various combinations, with visible or invisible laser sights, grenade launchers, reflex sights, even a 4x scope. This weapon will stay in use throughout the world long after it is outphased by guns like the OICW.

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