From Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Refers to "wearing" rose-tinted glasses...the old saying is when you see the world through "rose-tinted glasses" (metaphorically), everything is rosy, optimistic.

or from alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror:
Looking at the world with a "rosy" outlook -- in short, a cockeyed optimistic. Not seeing the reality. Or seeing reality, but finding something "good" in everything and not facing or acknowledging the negative.

Or, as another on the newsgroup explained to me:

It describes an acid trip from beginning to end. Columbia describes the want of an acid trip, Rocky proclaims the time it takes to actually peak out (7 hours) and the euphoric feeling. Brad then describes the sudden highs and lows of the trip, and what makes it suddenly phase in and out as the chemical diminishes. Finally Janet describes the coming down from a groovy high, and that it the drug makes you want it again, and again.

... And similar to the movie, sooner or later, the cops break down the door and bust you.

Somehow the end of this song never got noded. So, here it is, with audience participation in hard links where it overlaps the lyrics. (Original lyrics in bold.)

(RIFF and MAGENTA burst in wearing "space-age" constumes. RIFF brandishes a golden gun-like object with three prongs.)

Oh, no! Mom and Dad are home early!

RIFF (sings)
Frankenfurter it's all over
Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle's too extreme
I'm your new commander, you now are my prisoner
We return to Transylvania, pre-pare the tran-sit beeeam...

(MAGENTA turns to leave)


AUDIENCE (very fast)
What do you say when you get caught having sex with your neighbor's dog while wearing your Rocky costume?

... I can explain.

Don't try to sing your way of it. You tried that last week and they shot you for it!

CST Approved.

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