BUST is an alternative 'zine for women who don't buy into the Glamour and Vogue crap. BUST touts itself as "both a literary magazine and a chronicle of girl culture". It was founded in 1993 by two women who were sick of the corporate world, and it is the original grrl zine. The 'zine accepts unsolicited submissions, and titles of articles in the past have ranged from "Myth of the Black Butt" to "Boy-dello", and from "Bring Me the Head of Melanie Banderas" to "Would You Want This Man to Be Your Dog?" SueZVudu highly recommends this 'zine, as well as the book The BUST Guide to the New Girl Order. Try the website at www.bust.com.

Bust (?), n. [F. buste, fr. It. busto; cf. LL. busta, bustula, box, of the same origin as E. box a case; cf., for the change of meaning, E. chest. See Bushel.]


A piece of sculpture representing the upper part of the human figure, including the head, shoulders, and breast.

Ambition sighed: she found it vain to trust The faithless column, and the crumbling bust. Pope.


The portion of the human figure included between the head and waist, whether in statuary or in the person; the chest or thorax; the upper part of the trunk of the body.


© Webster 1913.

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