Nom de plume of one man songwriting powerhouse and likely genius Stephin Merritt. Named after the book cited in WeamsCarnival's writeup below.

Recently released a box set titled "69 Love Songs" which was exactly that. Could be called prolific but this would be an understatement. Other albums include "Charm Of The Highway Strip", "The Wayward Bus", "Distant Plastic Trees", "Holiday" and "Get Lost".

Stephin also records under a bevy of other monikers (with various friends and associates), including The Gothic Archies and Future Bible Heroes, and also as the Celebrity karaoke of The 6ths.

Magnetic Fields is the name of André Breton and Phillippe Soupault's 1920 novel (the book was written in French so the title is actually «Les Champs magnétiques»). It is the earliest example of literary Surrealism. The book was composed by the technique of Automatic Writing.

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