“The biggest showoff on the planet…”
--Dame Darcy, in self-description

Comic book author, artist, vaudeville performer, filmmaker, musician, art teacher, entrepreneur, talk show host, model, dollmaker, animator, actress, juxtapositionist, clothing designer…what am I leaving out…fashion icon…hot babe…blind date…weirdo…heroine.

I guess no one ever told her she couldn’t do it all. Best known for her comic Meat Cake, which is a little goth, a little circus sideshow, a little Victoriana, a little cabaret, a little horror, kind of funny, and full of hot fey chicks in dishabille. Yummy!

Random claims to fame: She painted murals in Francis Bean’s bedrooms in Seattle and Los Angeles on commission from Courtney Love. She also made stained glass windows for Margaret Cho. And she was on an incredibly awkward episode of Blind Date in which she appeared in various costumes, including a mermaid outfit, much to the confusion of her very normal date.

Why she ought to be adored: She makes custom dolls and will include whatever scraps of fabric, human hair or whatnot you send her. She is beautiful: not in a waifish way like you might expect, but tall, boisterous, loud and kind of dorky. She plays bass, banjo and saw. She’s upfront about her wishes for fame and fortune; somehow, it’s not obnoxious; maybe cuz she’s not trying to use anyone else’s creative output for her own ends. She wears striped stockings, just like her Meat Cake characters. She also heads the E.Z. Bake Coven – a club of sorts for crafty ladies. "Back in the day," to her, means the 1890s through the 1920s. And she devotes all her time to her art.

Her bands:
Aye Aye Captain
Planet Filly
Death by Doll
Cabin Fever
Gem in Eye

She has also performed with Caroliner Rainbow and Lisa Carver's Suckdog. Among others.

Gaze on the dark beauty:

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