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To read as much as Anthony Hopkins in The Edge
Macintosh, Trivia, sailing, skiing
New York University for a few years
Stay sane inside insanity!
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Mission: to know everything, and read this entire site and all its nodes, kinda the rennaissance man sorta thing. If you remember Batman Forever, the Riddler managed to funnel all of Gotham City's Knowledge into his head using green lasers. Everything2 may do that in small amounts.

Alll my work on this site is copywritten under the Creative Commons license. In short, you may use whatever I write, as long as I get some credit.

According to the Voting Oracle, I've voted on 4.3273% of all writeups on this site.

I have been supercursed 2 times on everything2 and cursed once. Well, the supercurse was temporary...
I have been blessed once for a quest.

My personality is Kramer meets Duckie(from Pretty in Pink) with some Chandler thrown in.

Things I've done in my lifetime:

Taken Shahada
Shook hands with Billionaire Steve Jobs
Joined the Order of the Arrow, Brotherhood rank
Visited London, Rome, and the Vatican
Gone up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, and Empire State Building
Dialed 911
Crossed Abbey Road
Counted pills in a Pharmacy
Milked a cow
Hypnotized myself
Driven an Ambulance
Swam with Dolphins
Won on a Television gameshow
Been doused with Liquid Nitrogen (Brrr!)
Karate-chopped a board in half with my bare hand
Been awarded AP Scholar With Distinction
Levitated off the ground
Treated patients in a village in Honduras
Created 3 documentaries
Wrote a manuscript (trying to get published)
Met the real Patch Adams M.D. who inspired me
Had one of my e2 articles published as a reading passage on a standardized British exam
Participated in public health research regarding the smoking habits of MSM Mexican Immigrants in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
Drove a yellow taxi in New York City

Things I intend to do in my lifetime:

1.Go on a roadtrip
2.Visit California for more than 3 days
3.Drive a convertible Oh so totally cool, I felt like a handsome speeding king, or Ferris Bueller
4.Take a Film Study course
5.Strike up a conversation at a Dunkin' Donuts at 1AM. (Done at 7-11 at 3AM, maybe I should cross this off)
6.Find out what Raver pants are-- Still gotta try on a pair
7.Learn to break dance
8.Sail to NYC
9.Find an apartment in New York City and live there for a month (I Love it!)
10. Watch A Man for All Seasons (Kevin Smith's favorite movie)
11. Write a successful and popular computer program
12. Get Terminator-style vision
13. Become an EMT
14. Sleep on the roof.
15. Grow my hair out, either shoulder-length, or an afro.
16. Crowd-surf
17. Do a Backflip without a trampoline.
18. Use a fire-extinguisher, preferably soaking somebody for fun
19. In shotput, punch a shot over 30 feet (right now 23 feet so far)
20. Get a 6-pack of abs
21. Run a mile in under 7:30
22. Go to one of those parties where everybody sleeps/passes out on the floor. I've done a few sleepovers, let's cross this one off
23. Attempt snowboarding (I think I chipped a bone)
24. Fire a gun through a set of encyclopedias and see how far through the bullet will penetrate (My guess is Volume L) (Solution?
25. Learn semiotics
26. Shoot a bullseye in archery
27. Wear a Shalwar-kameez (pretty comfortable)
28. Write a letter to John Walker Lindh or even meet him
29. Play chess in Kabul
30. Implement Uberman's Sleep Schedule
31. Eat halal Kobe beef
32. Ride in a motorcycle sidecar
33. Own a horse
34. Visit the Pyramids
35. Wear a kilt
36. Live in South America
37. Travel by Camel, preferably from Mecca to Medina
38. Try camel meat
39. Visit Moscow
40. Play cricket (and learn it first)
41. Go to a football(soccer) game in South America
42. Get accupuncture
43. Sell something on the streets of NYC
44. Ride an ATV
45. Rename the planets
46. Tapdance
47. Make Hajj

TheBooBooKitty says If I we ever meet at a noder gathering I will let you drive my convertible. So you can fullfill #3 on your list of things to do.
Chihuahua Grub says (If we ever meet at a noder gathering, i'll show you how to steal TBBK's car.)
NotFabio says Mr.100%, I sail semi-professionally for Naval Academy Sailing Squadron and Annapolis Yacht Club. If you were ever in the area and able to waste two weeks in the summer, maybe we could work something out for #8 on your to do list...
pylon says If you come to Siena, I can take care of #18 from the life list. Siena college has some spare ones sitting around that I have faithfully discharged. Yep, I confirmed the presence of an unattended fire extinguisher here. Although, I probably won't volunteer to get soaked since it's a compressed CO(2) powder/gas thing :o)
pylon says and there's a nearby Dunkin' Donuts which I have frequented at early morning hours. Perhaps you could even knock off #5. :o)
Frankie says afros++, six-packs++, d00ds with six-packs AND afros, *<big>+++++</big>*

You like me! You really like me!

RubenAzarja says Hmmm... what's more than 100%++? Well, that's what you're worth now!
LaggedyAnne says the description of your personality is heaven with chocolate sauce thrown in for good measure
rycerice says Damn... good job on the medical glossasry you have there... if I had the powers to give you a C! I would. ;)
Morgan le Fay says Gawd, I LOVED your Trigun node... and I find Vash *extremely* sexy. ;-)
DrSeudo says Hey, kick-ass!
Toxick says re The Fifth Element: absolutely marvelous.
wertperch says re LL Cool J: Nicely done, sir!
thefez says L-L-Cool-J-Is-Hard-As-Hell!
Mike1024 says re: The Fifth Element - Good work (+)
wertperch says re: Dentist: Okay, yes. Good!
Chihuahua Grub says best rule of thumb: exhaust the topic.
ReiToei says re: AOTC: Good point, well made.
sloebertje says That is pretty impressive
JerboaKolinowski says re Islam: Brilliant writeup, sir! Exactly what this node needed. Thankyou very much indeed!
Jaez says re: Islam Thanks. :-) Excellent wu and long overdue. Kudos, and well done!
Transitional Man says on Islam fine w/u. I'd C! it if I could C!
liveforever says re munafiq: Good WU.
Mitzi says GIR. I cry with joy.
pylon says re Paradoxes of Islamic Fundamentalism: Great points :o)
MALTP says re miswak: Cool! I've never heard of these before.
Palpz says re John Walker Lindh: Dude, seriously, awesome writeup
rk2001 says re Quran - Alhamdulillah!
rk2001 says re Mordecai Vanunu Excellent job, so pleased you wrote that up properly!
MALTP says re comet Swift-Tuttle: Arr, you beat me to this one. Nice job.
MacArthur Parker says re John Walker Lindh: Good well-written read! Thank you for writing this.
Fisher says re 72 Virgins in Paradise: That was actually pretty informative! Cool!
AEton says re: 72 Virgins in Paradise: sweet. I've been hoping someone would write a decently-researched node on that cultural artifact.
IWhoSawTheFace says re Islam: Very, very well written.
Devon_Hart says Whoa. That's a great job you did on Islam.
Scoobi Doo says Nice job on Allah. If I could, I would C! it.
Eco says re The Siege: This is an excellent writeup
liveforever says re sahoor: Well written
wertperch says re Ferguson: IIRC, I am entitled to wear the Ferguson tartan =)
TenMinJoe says Your homenode is rather jenga-esque] too.
Jetifi says re John Walker Lindh: Good writeup. The whole Camp X-Ray / enemy combatant thing is the nastiest and stupidest thing the Bush administration has done to the USA, IMHO.
Tlogmer says re neoconservative: good w/u, though
256 says Re: Plum Island - Nice node.

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