A TV Game show for residents of Long Island on local News Channel 12. On Saturdays 6:30PM EST, but only on Long Island and New York City.

The premise is simple. Take a team of four from each High school on Long Island (over 100) and make them compete in a ladder match of trivia against one another. The show started around 1998, and used to pick high schools at random to compete, but in 2001 switched to a more egalitarian idea of a qualifying round.

64 finalist schools compete and play each other until there is one champion school and one runner up. The winning team gets a $3000US scholarship each, runners-up get $1000US.

I myself have been on it twice, and won once so far.

The first round is where news anchor Scott Feldman acts as host and reads off questions in a category, such as Calculus and reads off multiple choice answers. What the audience doesn't know is that the buzzers are switched off until the question is done, making everyone on the team repeatedly pounding the buzzers to be the first one to buzz in. More often than not, it's luck.

The next round is a head to head round, where the captains stand in the middle and try to buzz in after hearing a verbal cue, a la Family Feud.

Then there's the "Lightning Round" where the lower scoring team picks one of two categories and tries to answer as many as they can in 60 seconds. The other team gets the other, usually tougher category.

The half hour show wraps up for one last round, where point value doubles and you are penalized for being incorrect. Winners move up to the next step in the ladder match.

NotBridgetJones tells me that this show is very similiar to Genie en Herbe.

"It's just the same game, except every french speaking country has it's own league, and in the summer, each country's champions come together in one of the countries and play an international finale"

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