Janet info:

JANET (Joint Academic NETwork) connects all the UK universities together and to the internet

JANET network topology:

The JANET network is built around a fibreoptical backbone between eight major network points. These points are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Warrington, Bristol, Reading, Portsmouth and London.

Between Warrington, Reading, Leeds and Reading, there is a fully redundant circular network using 2.5 Gbit SDH and DWDM networks, for a total of 5 Gbit and 4-way-reduncancy.

All universities and most other learning institutions are hooked up to the backbone via sub-connection points. The sub-points are:

  • Glasgow: ClydeNet, EaStMAN (Edinburgh and Stirling Metropolitan Area Network), AbMAN (Aberdeen Metropolitan Area Network), FaTMAN (Fife and Tayside Metropolitan Area Network).
  • Edinburgh: Full redundancy with Glasgow, plus the UHI Network.
  • Warrington: C&NL MAN (Cumbria and North Lanceshire Metropolitan Area Network), Northern Ireland, NNW, North Wales MAN, MidMAN (Midlands Metropolitan Area Network).
  • Leeds: NorMAN (North East Metropolitan Area Network), YHMAN (Yorkshire and Humberside Metropolitan Area Network).
  • London: EMMAN (East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network), EastNet (East of England Regional Network), LMN (London Metropolitan Network), Kentish MAN.
  • Portsmouth: LeNSE (Learning Network for the South East).
  • Reading: TVN (Thames Valley Network).
  • Bristol: South Wales MAN, SWERN (South West England Regional Network).

The connections to the subpoints are usually connected to the backbones with either 2.5 Gbit/s fibre or 2.5 Gbit/s SDH network

External topology:

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