cock·eyed adj. Informal

  1. Foolish; ridiculous; absurd: a cockeyed idea.
  2. Askew; crooked.
  3. Intoxicated; drunk.
This word could have come from the word Caoch, a Gaelic word meaning ‘one-eyed’.

Alternatively it could have come literally from cock ‘male chicken'. The word was used as a verb - cocken, meaning "to fight". Later it came to mean "to swagger" and after that it came to mean "to set in a jaunty way".

Cockeyed itself first appeared in 1821 meaning "squint eyed" and in 1896 it appeared meaning "silly or foolish".

Cockeyed is also a website, at

It's managed by Rob Cockerham, living in Sacramento, California.

On his site, Rob hosts stories of his pranks, travel journals, things he's made, and a series of investigations called "How Much is Inside," as well as a host of other random pages covering a broad range of topics.

Rob wrote a length exposé over the "Work At Home" signs that are everywhere, which was slashdotted on April 11, 2002. is hosted by FatWallet.

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