Star Guitar is the fourth track on the Chemical Brothers' album Come With Us. It is also the second single from that album, relased in both CD single and 12" format.

The CD single tracks include the radio edit of Star Guitar and the original album version, as well as two remixes by Pete Heller of Roach Motel fame. The final track is the new track, Base 6, described in the single publicity as "A dubbed-out groove that drops acid bass lines, 70's style horns, old-school percussion and scratching"

The 12" single features a double A-side of Star Guitar and Base 6, with Pete Heller's Expanded Mix on the B-side.

The title track features a soaring vocal break;

You can feel what I feel, you can take what I take.

The vocal was provided by brother Tom Rowlands and a singer friend named Beverlee.

The singles of Star Guitar were released in January 2002.

Star Guitar CD Single

  • Star Guitar (edit)
  • Star Guitar (6:55)
  • Star Guitar (Pete Heller Expanded Mix)
  • Star Guitar (Pete Heller 303 Dub)
  • Base 6

Star Guitar 12" Sinlge

  • A1. Star Guitar (edit)
  • A2. Base 6
  • B1. Star Guitar (Pete Heller Expanded Mix)

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