Also, an expression, derived from above.

It is used to describe a particularly unpleasant, unclean and inexpensive motel.

Example: "Yuk, let's not stay in a roach motel!"

Roach Motel was a hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida. They gained notoriety in 1983 on the "We Can't Help It if We're From Florida" compilation. The band is often recognized for their wild sense of humor, with songs like "My Dog's Into Anarchy," which goes:

"Stage dives off the kitchen chair, lands on his head, he doesn't care. Around his neck are two inch spikes. You bet my mom feeds him what he likes."

In 1982, Roach Motel released their debut 7", "Roach and Roll," and in 1984, they released "What the Hell, It's Roach Motel." They have also appeared on several compilations, and some of the members still operate Destroy Records, which was quite well-known in the 80s.

If you by chance come across a copy of Roach Motel's demo, be certain to get it, as it is extremely rare. Be on the lookout for a new discography CD of the band in the near future.

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