A person, usually a woman, who is paid money to have sex with the customer. Don't patronize the ones in Tijuana, they invariably try to negotiate a better rate in the middle of the session, refusing to continue till you pay more. This is a lot like the Teamsters and other unions affiliated with organized crime. In Thailand and the Philippines it is common for prostitutes to actually be men who have had sex change operations. State of the Art is so good, you often can't tell.

Career Profile - Prostitute / Crackwhore

Some people get lonely. There's no doubt about it. In your teenage years, you probably heard the phrase "I need to get a girlfriend". Well, once you're grown up, there's no more tolerance for whining. And if you can't stand being single, you can forget your troubles because there's a girl who wants to be your friend just a short drive away.

Skills / Education / Qualifications

If you want to be a part of the flourishing prostitution industry, the first thing you'll want to do is move to a big city (Cities in Nevada have certain legislature that reduce some risks of the job). Big cities mean lots of clients, but even a place like a truck stop or a small port town is a good place to begin. Everyone starts somewhere.

The most successful prostitutes are female. If you really want to go somewhere in this industry, you should definitely be well-equipped for the job. If you aren't a woman, become one. There's certain risks and costs (financial, mainly.) involved in the process, but that's between you and your surgeon.

You don't need to be female to do this job. There are some successful manwhores in the business, and you could always just stop at dressing like a woman. You know, one man's sick disguisting fantasy is another man's job.

Next you'll want to have the proper tools for the job, so buy the right wardrobe. Maybe the Salvation Army has what you want. Definitely some nice stockings. Don't go for anything real expensive, because it'll probably be torn anyway.

Your talents should include salesmanship and, more importantly, flexibility. After all, selling the service isn't nearly as hard as actually doing it. Being able to keep your ankles behind your head for prolonged amounts of time and, depending on your specialty, jumping up and down a lot, requires a certain level of fitness. Take an aerobics or yoga class. Also, you should have decent manual dexterity and have a low gag reflex.

Working Conditions / Salary

You'll be working in public, mostly. City streets and bars are the most usual places to scope out clients. But the real job gets done indoors. If your employer has given you a place to do your job, do it. If you need to use a motel, charge your client for expenses.

It's best to take cash only. Traditionally, you'll make $50 per session, but if you're really desperate, you can offer the ever-worthwhile "Suck for a Buck" deal. If you're a real winner you might require your payment in the form of substances. I don't know the specifics of pricing here, so your best bet is to ask an experienced coworker.

If you're not self-employed, you'll be working under a short-term relationship facilitation specialist. Often, you'll be asked to give him free samples of your work. If you get abused by your boss, remember that he's making your job a lot easier. But then, quit if things look really bad - nobody likes an abusive relationship. Well, some do. And you might be working for them. Which reminds me, be open-minded with your clients.

If you prefer not to live the night life, you can always get a job in the pornography industry. It's far less risky. The lightest laws on pornography are in California, so move to Los Angeles and seek employment. Who knows, you might just get famous. And it'll give you a chance to hone those acting skills of yours.

Reccomended Reading

About.Com - On Legal Prostitution http://renotahoe.about.com/cs/categoryname/

Thanks Mr. Hotel for pointing out that prostitution isn't legal in Reno.

Our house was invited to a hair party. Obviously I don’t mean the building itself.

It was fun, seeing everyone dress up (we had a large shared house at university, twelve of us); I hadn’t planned to do anything myself, just go in a foxy dress, but after being enlivened by the preparatory atmosphere, crazy wigs and colour changes, I got into it and borrowed someone’s can of black hair spray and used the remnants.

It wasn’t the most successful transformation: I’m small, fair-haired, soft looking. The can exhausted its contents half way through so it was a streaky mess and stained my skin, until I looked like a coal miner's daughter. But the combination of a short lycra dress and the multi-tone hair must have made me look edgier than I am..

The party was at a house 30 metres along the road from us, and we lived in a dodgy area. There were many prostitutes operating locally – I would look at them some in concern when I made my way to lectures in the daytime, wondering what had decided their path and, well, what their lives were like, and we lived opposite a ‘brothel’ (it was a two-women operation, and the Arab men who parked their Mercedes outside would squeeze past in a horribly suggestive way as we passed, if we were unfortunate enough to be leaving as they parked their status symbols).

That night, we went to the party en masse. It was close enough to my house for me not to ask one of the lads to escort me when I wanted to run back for a moment, for what, I can’t remember. Maybe to wash some of the black smudges off my face..

But as I went home for a temporary respite I saw a prostitute walking towards me, very purposefully. I saw myself through her eyes: the crazy hair, the short, tight lycra dress, the high heels. I was scared. I realised she thought I was a prostitute and thought she would be angry at me, a new girl operating on her territory. I tried to be as nonchalant as possible and sped up, but I was alarmed, it was a whole different world for me. She was really pounding along the pavement after me, matching my increase in speed with a corresponding increase.

But she caught up with me; “you working tonight, love” she asked. Answers flashed through my mind but I thought if I said I was in the middle of a fancy dress party it would be ridiculing the way she looked (as I looked like her) so I weakly said no. .

She spoke for a short while, her much more than me, due to my embarrassment. She really wanted to talk, it burbled out of her. She was very warm and she tried to give me sage advice and she told me to take care of myself..

Her care and concern made a great impression on me; I couldn’t have disillusioned her that no, I actually was one of the pampered members of society, I had a mother and father who took care of me and sent me to private school and I was bright and hgot entry to a good university. I couldn’t have said: “but no, I’m not a prostitute”. That night, we were totally levelled. I can’t even remember what she looked like; I just remember thinking that she was a wonderful member of society, her warmth and care really touched me. I meet privileged people everyday who don’t realise that they’re the lucky ones, but complain bitterly about the hardships they face. Well, she touched my life in a way that they haven’t.

Pros"ti*tute (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Prostituted (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Prostituting.] [L. prostitutus, p. p. of prostituere to prostitute; pro before, forth + statuere to put, place. See Statute.]


To offer, as a woman, to a lewd use; to give up to lewdness for hire.

"Do not prostitute thy daughter."

Lev. xix. 29.


To devote to base or unworthy purposes; to give up to low or indiscriminate use; as, to prostitute talents; to prostitute official powers.



© Webster 1913.

Pros"ti*tute, a. [L. prostitutus, p. p.]

Openly given up to lewdness; devoted to base or infamous purposes.

Made bold by want, and prostitute for bread. Prior


© Webster 1913.

Pros"ti*tute, n. [L. prostituta.]


A woman giver to indiscriminate lewdness; a strumpet; a harlot.


A base hireling; a mercenary; one who offers himself to infamous employments for hire.

No hireling she, no prostitute to praise. Pope.


© Webster 1913.

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