Trekkies is probably one of my favorite documentaries in recent times. What, you missed it? Well, don't feel bad, so did about everyone else... The movie is a look at "Trekkies", the hard core star trek fans (don't call them trekkers!). I think it was pretty well done, although some hard core trekkies will probably object to the fact that extreme cases were shown (allthough it was very objective with no ridicule). For the most part, non trekkies will have a good time laughing at it all and trekkies will probabaly think most of it is pretty cool.

Basically, the film follows around several trekkies. We've got the woman who makes her co-workers call her commander and wears her star trek uniform to jury duty at the OJ trial (remember that?). This woman is dead serious about everything star trek... We've also got Starship Dental, a family dentist practice with the entire office decorated like the enterprise (including star trek garb on the dentists and nurses). We've got Klingons at Burger King, fans at conventions, and cast members stories of fanatical fans. And there's countless many more interesting stories I've forgetten...

Personally, I thought this was very well done. It never mocked the trekkies, and it gave some interesting behind the scenes stories of fans and cast members. And, I laughed my ass off. We saw it on opening night, and there were only a few other people in the theater, but we all had a lot of laughs... Definately one to check out, even though it was released in the theater I think it is still quite a well done documentary.

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