The Klingons are an alien race from the science fiction series Star Trek.

The Klingon Empire was founded around 500ce by Kahless the Unforgettable on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, and is still going strong nearly 2,000 Earth years later.

In 2267 the Klingons and the Romulans forged a military alliance and the Klingons traded several D7 battlecruisers (Birds of Prey) in exchange for some cloaking devices.

In 2293 the atmosphere of Qo'noS was contaminated when Praxis, one of its moons, exploded. This event was a turning point in relations between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets, as the Klingon Empire couldn't afford to maintain their excessive military activities and deal with this new problem. Thus, the Federation and the Klingons entered an alliance which lasted, I believe, about eighty years, ending in 2372 when the Klingons attacked the Cardassians. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, The Way of the Warrior, Part I and Part II)

In 2342 the Klingons and Romulans began a violent war after the Romulans attacked the Klingon outpost Narendra III.

In 2357, Worf, Son of Mogh became the first Klingon to enter the Starfleet Academy and in 2364 he was assigned to the NCC-1701-D as relief conn and tactical officer. (Rank: Lieutenant j.g)

In 2367 the Klingon Civil War began after Chancellor K'mpec was murdered. Prior to his murder, K'mpec had named Captain Jean-Luc Picard his Arbiter of Succession. Gowron was selected, but the House of Duras opposed this decision and the war began. It was later revealed that the Romulans were backing Duras and and Duras quickly lost all support, ending the war and putting Gowron as leader of the empire. (Redemption, Part 1 and Part 2)

Around 2370, they joined in an alliance with the Federation against the Dominion.

Shortly before the end of the Dominion War (When It Rains...), Worf murdered Gowron for using bad tactics in the war simply to hurt General Martok's political position. Worf then granted the role of Chancellor to Martok rather than taking it himself.

In 2375 the Federation-Romulan-Klingon fleet defeated the Dominion with the assistance of the Cardassian fleet during a final assault on Cardassia Prime. (What You Leave Behind)

Leaders of the Klingon Empire include:

The Klingon Language (thlinang Hol) was created by Marc Okrand. The Klingon Language Institute (KLI) puts out a newsletter called Qo'noS QonoS and a quarterly journal, HolQeD. There is also a programming language based on Klingon: Var'aq.

Terms and phrases that have been noded include:

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