Pronounced "Kronos" (and spelt that way by Humans), Qo'noS is the Klingon homeworld, governed by the Klingon Empire.

It's in the Beta Quadrant and I believe it's hotter than Earth.

In 2293 the atmosphere of Qo'noS was contaminated when Praxis, one of its moons exploded. This event was a turning point in relations between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets, as the Klingon Empire couldn't afford to maintain their excessive military activities and deal with this new problem, therefore leading to a peace treaty with the Federation which lasted approximately eighty years.

It's about 40 hours from Earth at warp 4 using the Enterprise (old, I assume) warp scale. (Broken Bow (ENT), as reported to me by arcterex.)

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