On a slightly related note, Wheaton has mentioned Everything2 on his personal website- it's even linked in his Links section. Apparently he's been here before.

He seems like a cool enough guy to me- that he's a geek definitely earns him brownie points. Actually, after having read his site's content for many lengthy hours, I can assure you that he is one of the coolest kids on the planet. Hail, Cyberia! Wil Wheaton has a Posse!

Note: Way back when I originally wrote this w/u, I made mention of Wil's presence on E2 as a member. I was asked by an E2 God to delete that portion for the sake of Mr. Wheaton's privacy. Over the last year and a half, however, I have received countless MSG's from people informing me that he is a user here- sometimes with his username. Okay. The cat's out of the bag- he is, indeed a user here. And, yes, he does come back on occasion to check his MSG's and to surf the nodegel. If you know his username, I humbly ask that you not share it with others. He, just like many of us, has a right to his privacy- celebrity status or not.

To be honest, I didn't know about Wil Wheaton until I saw the "The Naked Now" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I missed "Encounter at Farpoint" and saw how this young kid was on a starship in the 24th century and tinkering with some voice box thing. Come on, what kid watching that wouldn't be insanely jealous? Right, that's what I thought too. So Wesley Crusher almost kills everyone on the ship because he's jacked up on the Tsiolkovsky virus, and I think to myself "What a little poon! He gets to do that everyday and almost ruins it all!".

Needless to say, my feelings of the young Crusher improved as he actually proved his worth throughout the series. By this time, my parents had expanded the cable television to include HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. Because of this, a whole new world of movies was opened to me. Good, bad, crappy, old, new, long and short; movies are how I spent an entire summer and I started to gain respect as a credible movie information oracle from my peers and friends. This is also when I started to notice Wil Wheaton in other works, namely "Toy Soldiers" and "Stand By Me". At this point, his coolness factor jumped to the level reserved only for Commander Will Riker and Data . . .

Wil Wheaton was born Richard William Wheaton III on July 29th, 1972 in Burbank, California to Debbie and Rick Wheaton. The eldest of three children, Wil's younger siblings include a younger brother Jeremy and a younger sister Amy.

Wil started his career by acting in several commercials, most noticeably alongside comedic legend Bill Cosby in Jell-O ads. After the big break with Jell-O, Wil moved onto other commercials for a short while before landing his first 'true' acting role in 1981, a made for TV movie "A Long Way Home". With his foot in the door of Hollywood, Wil moved on to several more movies and TV appearances; notably "Family Ties", "St. Elsewhere", and "Highway to Heaven".

Wil Wheaton gained his most fame when he starred along side River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, and Jerry O'Connell in Rob Reiner's classic "Stand By Me". As a young Gordie Lachance, Wil impressed critics, directors, peers, and the masses alike. After "Stand By Me", the next movie that really brought him into the mainstream again was "Toy Soldiers". A cult hit which is frequently played on early evening Cinemax as a prelude to the softcore pornos, Wil played a student turned terrorist fighter with an earring. This movie was blasted by critics as being too 'unlikely'. But what the hell, it also starred Louis Gossett, Jr.

Shortly after working in this movie and several other smaller productions, Wil took a hiatus from the "evils of Hollywood". This sabbatical lasted roughly five years. It was during this time that Wil reflected on his career up to that point, and where he wanted to go. In 1993, our hero decided to start working for a digital film-editing system based in Topeka, Kansas. This lasted for the better part of a year and a half, before deciding to return on a part time basis to Hollywood.

During his time on "The Next Generation" and after his departure, Wil was a fixture on the Star Trek convention scene. I know from personal experience that Wil puts on an excellent performance at conventions and is very entertaining. Witty quips, anecdotes, as well as the occassional ironic musings all frequent themselves in his shows. He did come into conflict with the management of the convention scene for awhile and did not do them. A truly sad day for me, as when the next convention came around I had to settle for Colm Meany and Brent Spiner. They are awesome guys and talented to no end, but they are no Wil Wheaton, I will tell you that.

Wil's personal life is not as exciting as you would think it would be, well with him being a child of the 80s and all. Wil married Anne Price in 1999 and is currently still attached at the hip. Along with the addition of a wife, Wil has two stepsons in Nolan and Ryan. He works for the ACME Comedy Theatre (Which every Wil Wheaton or general comedy fan must go. It was the best laugh riot I have ever had, by God.) and spends a lot of his time working on his self built website wilwheaton.net. Wil is a bonafide geek and enjoys dabbling in the dark evils of html, blogging, being the DJ of his own Radio Free Burrito radio station, as well as a little case stickering here and there.

Wil is slowly getting back into the limelight with more mainstream roles, such as the role of Bennett Hoenicker, in Robin Williams's 'you have to be on drugs to enjoy the madness' "Flubber". He also shot several scenes in the Star Trek movie "Nemesis", however the scenes were cut from the movie due to time restraints. Wil seems to be at terms with the fact that there was a backlash against him (well, Wesley Crusher) during the early years of "The Next Generation", and in fact regularly sells autographed Wesley Crusher memorabilia on eBay for his fans to enjoy as sort of a tongue in cheek reference to all the naysayers. What a humanitarian! I know Wil from the many different works that he has done, but for the life of me, and I know this will get me a Wil Wheaton boot in my ass, I see Wil Wheaton as the little arrogant kid I wanted to be known as Wesley Crusher. One of the most down to earth celebrities I have seen, Wil Wheaton will command a following until his dying day due to his interaction with the fanbase. Wil Wheaton has a Posse.

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