On a slightly related note, Wheaton has mentioned Everything2 on his personal website- it's even linked in his Links section. Apparently he's been here before.

He seems like a cool enough guy to me- that he's a geek definitely earns him brownie points. Actually, after having read his site's content for many lengthy hours, I can assure you that he is one of the coolest kids on the planet. Hail, Cyberia! Wil Wheaton has a Posse!

Note: Way back when I originally wrote this w/u, I made mention of Wil's presence on E2 as a member. I was asked by an E2 God to delete that portion for the sake of Mr. Wheaton's privacy. Over the last year and a half, however, I have received countless MSG's from people informing me that he is a user here- sometimes with his username. Okay. The cat's out of the bag- he is, indeed a user here. And, yes, he does come back on occasion to check his MSG's and to surf the nodegel. If you know his username, I humbly ask that you not share it with others. He, just like many of us, has a right to his privacy- celebrity status or not.