A cable movie network that seems to exist for the sole purpose of giving people an easy place to go for softcore pornography with the occasional decent movie thrown in for good measure. The plethora of softporn (i.e. you don't see the interaction between the girl and the penis involved without hair, camera angles, or a well-placed hand in the way) has given Cinemax the infamous title of Skinemax. Cinemax is the home of such intelligent shows as Passion Cove and The Best Sex Ever, as well as plenty of other movies. Call it a porn addict's Showtime, if you will. Well, a porn addict would probably bother to get some real porn, but that's a different story.

But seriously. Cinemax is owned by HBO, and since the earliest they show their porn is 10:30PM EST, it means they show movies during the rest of the day instead. Cinemax will often show movies before HBO has them (such recent examples include Driven and Swordfish), and vice-versa. There are 8 Cinemax channels, including Cinemax, MoreMAX, ActionMAX, ThrillerMAX, 5MAX, WMAX, OuterMAX, and @MAX. They're all themed in some way, yet they all end up showing the same movies at one point or another. Add in west coast feeds, and cable companies can shove a lot of MAX down your throat.

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