Well... when we give you that "look"... when we smile at you and lean in closer... when we invade your personal space... when we find ways to brush up against you... when we fall all over ourselves to make eye contact and laugh at your jokes... it's a pretty safe bet that we want you to kiss us.

in my experience, a girl wants to smooch when you can look deep into her eyes and move in without the slightest hint of awkwardness.

Make this really easy for the guys:

  1. Position yourself within smooching range. 30-40cm is best. This must be done in a "suave" manner, ie, don't make it totally obvious that you're lining up for a kiss.
  2. Stare into her eyes. This must be done under the guise of "making eye contact" during the conversation.
  3. Conversation lulls, non-awkwardly. Usually safest to let her have the last word.
  4. Count to five. Slowly. A faint smile and slightly more opened eyes on your part helps to prepare her.
  5. If you're still silent, incline your head minimally towards hers. Inclination change should be no more than 5 degrees or 2 cm, whichever is smaller.
  6. If she wants to smooch, she'll catch the signal and respond in like manner. Bonus points if she closes her eyes as she goes in for the lip-lock. This indicates a willingness to trust you. Don't mess it up.
  7. Slowly bring faces together, tilted properly so that noses don't collide (which can be disastrous in the "trust" department). Keep your eyes open long enough to properly align your lips with hers (since her eyes will probably be closed already). After lips are initially positioned and in contact, close eyes. Experimentation with further action is left as an exercise for the reader.

This process has worked successfully (executing desired smooches as well as avoiding undesired smooches) several times for me.

Well, she'll smile seductively, then she'll stand close to him and slowly lean in. Next, she...or wait, I'll bet you wanted to know if a girl wants to kiss you, right? In that case never mind--she doesn't want to kiss you. She wants to kiss someone else. Sorry.

I guess this node was a take off from my How do you know a boy wants to smooch? and How do you know when a boy wants to smooch?. I still don't know the answers to those.. BUT I can try to answer this one.

When I want to smooch a guy, I usually look right in his eyes.. then quickly advert my eyes. It's pretty silly, and seems like a flirting tactic. Unfortunately, I am that gimpy and silly.

There are those times, when you're sitting very close to someone. Your faces seem inches away from one another, to the point you can feel the persons breath. When I am in that situation. I definately want to be smooched. I am just a candy ass, so I don't make the first move.
I feel like i have to add something here.
I've had some girlfriends over the years, some one-night-stands, and many, many disappointments. And if you ask me, feeling much too old and a bit wiser than i would like myself to be, it's just that for sure you never can tell.
It is quite simple about us guys, maybe, were just too simple-minded, but if a guy wants to kiss a girl, the girl knows it instinctivly. Every other person 'round knows it, if he or she looks over to him.
But for the girls, it's not that simple. Everything mentioned above can be a sign that she wants to be kissed, but theres a fifty percent chance that she does not want it and is just a nice, cute (read: bitchy, man-murdering, soul-raping) person, which directly explains why every attempt to kiss her will lead direct to disaster.
I've been in this situation for at least 4 times, and wish i would have never been.
It's all in the hands of fate...
When you're, say, kissing a new girlfriend for the first time, you know it's okay to smooch her, it's just a matter of waiting for the right moment. But if you are using the smooch as a way to catapult into a relationship, you need to be more careful, as there are few things more awkward than trying to kiss someone who doesn't want to be kissed (even if that person is your girlfriend. Sometimes, I would try to kiss my girlfriend and she would pull away at the last second. I don't know if it was teasing or what, but it made me feel really stupid to be standing there with my mouth partway open like a fish and my eyes closed and then not have another mouth on which to latch...).

Recently, I went out with a girl with whom I used to work. We had always had this kind of mutual attraction that was sort of unspoken but recognized by both of us. The problem we always had was that we were both always "attached" to someone else whenever we had the chance to hook up.

So, the other day we went out for coffee and then drove around for a while, and I thought we would probably end up smooching. But then she started talking about this other guy we used to work with and how she had always had a crush on him, too...and she still did. So I figured my chances of getting smooched were dead.

I took her back to her car, expecting her to get out right away, but she stayed and talked. I turned the car off and we sat in the dark, talking for at least two hours. Every once in a while one of us would make some kind of movement toward the other (e.g., taking off the seatbelt, shifting in the seat, leaning on the dashboard, etc.). As an excuse to hold hands, she started talkin about her rings, which I examined, and then we checked whose hands were bigger.

So now we're holding hands in the dark, smiling into eachother's eyes, leaning towards eachother, and not saying anything. It was only at this point that I realized we really were going to smooch. I waited for her to lean in a little bit, and then we kissed. So I guess the moral is, follow your gut and watch closely for the signs, because I could have saved myself two hours of awkward conversation in the car if I had just smooched her right away. And we both would have gotten home before 1:30.

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