This is one of those classic Billy Joel songs that, for a brief while, everyone thought was about their own relationship. Billy Joel has said that he doesn't like to perform this now-classic 1970s love song anymore because he finds it boring and his mind wanders during the performance. He made this decision after a concert one evening in the 1980s when some stray thoughts popped into his mind...

Don't go changing, to try and please me
I wonder where I can get a good sandwich around here.
You never let me down before
Maybe the hotel makes a good sandwich.
Don't imagine you're too familiar
I hope Room Service is still open when I get back to the hotel.
And I don't see you anymore

This train of thought, plus the fact that the song was originally written for his first ex-wife, brought about an end to live performances of the song. Never fear, however, because if you really want to hear it performed live you can check out the 1980 album Songs In The Attic, a compilation of Joel's live performaces.

Billy Joel told this story at a 1996 lecture that I was present for.

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