Working at the lab demands patience.
Waiting for the bacteria to grow.
Waiting for gel-beads to sink to the bottom of the tube.
Waiting for the heat block to cool off and reach 45 degrees Celcius.

When I begun my work at the lab I always had something to do. Now, as I just sit there waiting I start to suspect that I did a lot more experiments back then. But, consulting my lab journal, I´ve come to realize that I just worked a lot slower. So being more efficient at the lab has payed off in boredom.

Then there are the moments when you get your results.
The heart skips a beat.
You can´t believe it´s true!
Look at the results!
This wasn´t known before!
I did this!

I distil the essence of these moments to inject later on.
When I´m just sitting there, waiting.

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