Butter. Who doesn't love butter?

When I was a little girl I use to pick
A handful of dandelions and then I'd stick
Them under my chin and face the sun
To see if I liked butter
And Momma would take out her fresh warm bread
She sliced it up, called us in and said
Go easy on the jelly but you can spread
Lots of nice fresh butter

Oh, I'm in heaven when I can eat butter
Pure, sweet cream butter
Butter in the morning on my toast and jam
Butter in the evenings on potatoes and yams
I can eat anything, yes, I can
If it's all smothered in butter

Now, a good farmer knows when you buy a cow
You look at her different than you do a sow
You want good legs and you want a good udder
And you ask, "how much butter?'
'Cause a good cow gives milk with lots of cream
And reality turns into a dream
When you beat it or shake it or churn it till you udder
Ah, it's turned to butter

Now everyone you meet is on a health kick
If you eat butter you'll sure get sick
You might even die some day in the gutter
If you, if you eat butter
So keep that butter off that roll
'Cause butter's got lots of cholesterol
When they bring out the bread just stand and stutter
"I, I can't have butter

So if you stick something in your mouth
That tastes real good, just spit it out
'Cause it will kill you there's no doubt
Don't you, don't you eat butter
And the dairy case is all a-clutter
With things that claim they taste like butter
But when you eat it your taste buds will utter
No, that sure ain't butter
Lyrics used by gracious permission, ┬ęPatty Kakac, Evansville, MN
Patty Kakac, half of Granary Girls, when she was still with Patty and the Pinetones, a (now sadly defunct) folk group operating out of west central Minnesota, wrote this ode to butter some years back. It became a popular part of her repertoire, and she still performs it regularly -- it is her most requested song.

The Granary Girls can be reached at www.granarygirls.com, granarygirls@granarygirls.com
P.O. box 63
Evansville, MN 56326

"I Love Butter" is recorded on Patty's second album, "Patchwork", available (along with other works) at the Granary Girls website.

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