So Josh Abrahams has re-released his single again under a different name. Perhaps he didn't make enough money the first time. Seriously though, there is a good reason for it which I will come to later.

For a start, don't buy this expecting some kind of Roni Size/Goldie -esque head drilling drum & bass. This song is to drum and bass what The Offspring were to '77 Punk. Amiel Daemion's vocals are quite thin with hardly any range in them, but I have to say that it suits the song well.
The second thing you notice is that strangely for a song called 'Addicted to Bass', there really isn't that much bass. Not only is there is a complete absence of sub-bass, but apart from the rather repetitive clicky drum samples there are only three notes that are played occasionally during the song.

However... I'm rather happy that this song has been re-released. Why? Well the video clip, which formerly featured Ms. Daemion singing her tedious song in front of a crappy plastic car (I mean a real car that's made of plastic, like Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, pretty much any car made today (They don't make 'em like they used to)) with a big sound system, the clip now has a Mad Max-ish car chase, featuring lovely XB Falcons replete with full MFP markings. The acting/actors is/are rather crap, but the cars are beautiful.

bexxta - I don't think 'Addicted to Bass' was that much of a hit around the country the first time around, I worked in a pretty popular club and it definitely wasn't played there, or anywhere else I went.

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