Josiah watched the gulls cry over the sea. Breathed a sigh of relief and walked.

The water, a rust brown as always, called for friends with the tongue of a gentleman. The day replied with a sullen face and a cynical speech pattern. The day and the water never did get on. They weren’t built for it and they both knew it. The day climbed out of its bed and wept slowly for the sea to catch with increasing impatience. These kind of spats could last hours. The dirt watched on in wry amusement, like always and slowly ate until it could eat no more. It ate crows feet and pigs trotters and kept eating until it became a hill and could watch over the land. Everybody needs protecting from the bullies.

Josiah counted the pennies in his pockets. Picked out the ones that would fit his eyes.

The water, collecting ideas and ideals, smiled. Picked its heavy heart from its bed and rolled its sheet to the shore to dry. Waiting for the sunshine to dry last nights dreams, press them as flowers and leave them in a book for the future. If you write it I’ll read it. The sunshine sinks into the depths and catches the fish off guard where they can’t say they didn’t see. They fit their new eyes and keep swimming until they don’t need to see any more. Enough water and you can block out the sun. When it’s dark it’s pure. Where it’s dark it’s pure. They catch sight of each other and quickly split up until they float away on a current that they weren’t expecting.

Josiah started putting found bits of brick into his pockets. Zipped his pockets shut.

It was night time when the sea ran away from the land. It’s best to run away from something that you don’t understand. The pebbles sighed and rushed for their blanket. White moths clinging desperately to the rocks until they bled out and died. Times start and times change. The pebbles couldn’t keep warm in this constant winter. When the seas freeze we can all walk to where we need to go. No more waiting at the shore until we decide that it’s all just a little bit too far away for us. That the skies are too high and the clouds too low. So wait for the winter, child, the walk will do you good. Warm you up. Keep your fingers supple and your mind sharp.

Josiah ran fast to the end of the pier and jumped. Caught an updraft and flew.

Sometimes, just sometimes, your wings


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