Also known as Little Buddy.
Shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island, he was either a bumbling idiot or a genius. Of the seven stranded, he was the only one who acted against being rescued. Perhaps it was because he recognized that they had come across an island paradise and didn't want to return to the cruel world?
Episode 2 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on April 22, 1994. It was written by Matt Maiellaro, Andy Merrill, Khaki Jones, and Keith Crofford.

Guests: The guests on this episode were Bob Denver (Gilligan), Dawn Wells{Mary Ann}, and Russel Johnson{The Professor), all from the 60's sitcom Gilligan's Island. All three had books out around the time. Bob and Russell had autobiographies, and Dawn had a cookbook.

Episode Premise: Another straight-forward interview episode, as most seemed to be early on. The episode title is more or less a given, considering that Space Ghost insisted on affectionately calling Bob Denver by the name Gilligan during the interview. We also find out Zorak guest-starred not only on an episode of Gilligan called "The Producer", but also in an episode of The Courtship of Eddie's Father called "Boy's Night Out". Space Ghost was under the delusion that Gilligan's Island was a reality series (keep in mind that this episode was made way before Survivor and its' ilk, and it's even funnier}.

Spanish Translation -- Elevator

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