Larry Storch is an American actor best known for his role as the always awkward Corporal Randolph Agarn on F Troop. He appeared on dozens of shows over the years as a character actor, focusing mostly on his humor and comedy. If there was a comedy show in the television years, he was probably on it, from Gilligan's Island to Car 54, Where Are You? He even appeared on Married, with Children as Al Bundy's childhood hero.

Born in 1923 and still acting at the time of this writeup, Larry attended high school with comedian Don Adams of Get Smart and served in the United States Navy on a submarine tender with Tony Curtis. He didn't graduate high school because of the Great Depression, deciding to do stand-up comedy for $12 a week to support his family. He also got into doing voice-over acting, appearing on many classic cartoons like Tennessee Tuxedo.

He branched out to comedy shows and migrated to stage acting. Over the years he released several comedy albums. You can also find him in such classic movies like "Some Like It Hot" starring Tony Curtis. He received the 2013 Barrymore Award for Lifetime Achievement in Film and TV and is now semi-retired. He is one cool cat.

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