Node - What you're here for.

O, Ned! - What Marge says to Ned Flanders after he finally breaks down and has his way with her. In this episode, Ned finally answers his most oft-asked question, "Does she have blue pubes?"

OED'n - Hangin' cool with your favorite dictionary.

O-D'en - What has happened to you when you've been on here for so many hours that you're answering the "getting to know you" nodes.

O, end! - What you are hoping for when you read nodes where addendums have been added ad infinitum to answer each and every response to the original node.

On de - Colloquialism; preposition plus article. As in, "DMan is seldom on de fence about any 'ting youse guys can bring up around here."

Noed - What you say when you forgot what you dreamed of noding last night. "I noed what I'z a'gonna say, and now I done forgot."

N-deo - Short for the annual noding rodeo. (kessenich has been the clown for the past several years.)

D'neo - Some of you worship this Matrix god.

De'no - What the gods on this place are in.

D'noe - (See De'no. Alternate spelling.)

Ed, no - The answer to many of Ed Halley's questions.

Endo - Makers of a form of blue morphine tablet which is no longer on the market.

E-nod - What you would be doing right now if you could get your hands on that blue morphine tablet and remain on-line at the same time.

Doen - In So I Married an Axe Murderer, the state of the piper at the wedding ceremony. (Rhymes with moon.)

Deon - A highly paid do-rag guy.

Done - What I am, now.

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