Chatterbox shorthand for Getting to Know You Node -- If you search on that, you will find a plethora of arguments about them.
Apparently these are nodes like "What is your favorite movie" that expect novices to keep adding personal information to. They can be a neat slice of Everything, but apparently annoy most people because they waste nodespace that is already reserved in a noder's personal node.

Quite a few nodes, (and I think everybody can be guilty of this, even experienced noders) stray into GTKY territory, sometimes through inexperience, often through just noding quickly, with out thinking about noding for the ages. Sometimes though I think a bit of thought could save your node: consider you start off a write up on your favourite bar where you live; you might say :-

"Hi I'm me and I live in the town Nowhere you can find often me in the 'Bucket of Beer Bar',it's cool and full of cool people..." and so on.

Definitely a GTKYN and will sink without trace. But you could put the following spin on it :-

The 'Bucket of Beer' bar can be found on Somewhere Street in the town of Nowhere. The clientele are mostly aged 20-30, professional and are friendly. The speciality of the house is large jugs of beer, sold cheaply....I'd highly recommend it if you visit.

This conveys much the same information as the first statement, but in a fashion that can serve as a useful guide to the place, such a node probably won't get nuked.

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