The overly religious next-door neighbor of The Simpsons, 60-year-old (yes, 60!) Ned Flanders has a wife named Maude (now deceased), and kids named Rod and Todd (hint: they all rhyme with 'God') and owns a piece of the True Cross. Raised by beatnik hippies, he was physically conditioned to repress his anger with a series of non-sensical syllables. This episode also caused him to become overly religious - he owns a Jesus Fish magnet, purchased Glow-Stix in an attempt to get into heaven, and punishes his children by depriving them of Bible stories. He is also hesitant to eat Red-Hots because of the devil on the box.

Flanders likes Ziggy comics, scratching mosquito bites, and Bob Saget. He dislikes the Post Office and science ("science is like a blabbermouth that ruins the ending to a movie"). He owns the Leftorium, a store selling items specifically for left-handed people (Flanders himself is left-handed). Refers to his moustache as a 'cookie duster', and is constantly trying to get back that which Homer has "borrowed" from him.

Oh yeah... he also looks exactly like the devil, except he's not red and doesn't have horns.

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