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Ugh. I overslept today and missed my class, because over the weekend I finally let a cold I had running at nice 19 for the last week run its course and this drained me of my energy for this morning. Doesn't help that I was up late last night working on stuff after I fell asleep in the afternoon because I hadn't been eating well either.

Woke up with a start, after opening my eyes and realizing my pillow had a large amount of blood on it. It took me several seconds to comprehend that it was my nose that was bleeding. (You don't know yourself until you wake up thinking, "Oh my God, where did all this blood come from") So. Pinch nose, carefully peel back sheets so as to not get blood everywhere, hurry to the bathroom. Wash, pinch, wait...

It's been pretty decent since then, though. OOP discussion in Comp. Sci, went to the bank, washed the dishes from last night...yadda yadda yadda.

I feel quite embarrassed.

I completely missed my computer programming class today. And it was because I couldn't get a program to compile. So, then, I completely didn't turn in the damn assignment. The person who invented the copy constructor should be shot.

Uneventful day past that. I came home, I did stuff, and I slept.

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