God please let me finish this project today, it's all i ask is that too much? The nasty phrase "~y ~y poo-lips" is humming in my mind again today. It's been such a strange ten days. I'll be glad when it is over and I can move on.
Interview with X went well, I'll be surprised if they don't offer me a job, and it would be a good way to get paid to learn for three months; I'll be surprised if the company lasts beyond that, they have a few good ideas but are way too naïve, and are not going to make it. Might be better to go with A.

Today.. was interesting. Recieved an email from my lovely grandmother who is IN CHINA right now. Crazy grandma!

The Help Desk I work at was swamped today. BUT I checked our tickets for the day, and I had taken 37 calls by 2pm.. and Christine.. had taken     8...  now I know why I get the urge to kill her sometimes..  that feeling is not so intangible after all.

Ah yes. Time for the after work grumpies. grumble grumble grumble..
I will never like getting up at 4:45 to get to work by 6:00 AM. I will especially never like it if I accidentally set my alarm clock an hour early and find that I don't need to be up at 3:45.

After another mind-numbing day at work, I fought off sleep long enough to learn more ASM for my classes. Fun stuff. What's the use of having lab computers if you can't crash 'em out all the time?

Added new search functionality today. All hail joelpt, who optimized and enhanced searching for the Everything System.

There is now a near matches which uses the soundex system to find words which sound similar, and ignore exact for finding all "nate" nodes, without having to search for "nate askfdljas".

(or maybe that was just me)

gah .. these things keep happening and I can no longer believe in coincidence, only synchronicity
for example, I've been listening to You Will Go To The Moon, this Moxy Fruvous CD I got last week .. played it several times already today (in my room, in the car, at work) and I've heard the song Michigan Militia at least 5 times since 9:00 this morning ..
and just now, I load open up Everything and what do i see listed under cool nodes but, the lyrics to Michigan Militia

"and i'd like to think this is all just a matter of chance"

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Munchkin had an occupational therapy evaluation today. He did pretty well, all things considered. It's not easy raising a child who has Benign Congenital Hypotonia. There seems to be no definitive pattern to this disorder, and determining its specific cause(s) can be equally mysterious. This makes overall effective treatment quite a challenge.

My son is presently 25.5 months old and mentally slightly above average for his age group in many aspects. But I sense that he is becoming aware that the delays in his physical development are hindering his mastery of common activities.

His fine motor skills are fairly good. He can undo the peskiest double-knotted shoelaces, (one of his nicknames is "Shoe-dini") and other things that require a significant degree of manual dexterity. But his gross motor skills tend to render his fine motor skills nearly useless at times.

I watch him trying to do normal toddler stuff like putting differently shaped objects into their proper holes. He knows where they go and can get them to the right place, but his uncooperative arm muscles don't have enough strength and coordination to complete their part of this task with ease. He gets so frustrated and it breaks my heart.

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