i was going to node my day at the end of that day, but when i read Fugitive247's writeup, i was paralysed. Now, here it was.

The last day at work for one of our key, key people who has been around forever and knows what's going on. She's hiking the Appalachian Trail. My mother is accompanying her much of the way.
My "boyfriend" was dj-ing on the radio from 4 - 5pm, on a program called "pick your own." He played many different things. But i had to leave my desk in the middle to say goodbye, goodluck, goodtrail to Shari (agitated). He played a song by my best friend's band, but her computer in Santa Fe doesn't have sound, and she couldn't listen. And when he started to talk to the host dj, my computer hard-locked, and i missed it. My only chance to hear him speak! He never speaks to me.