An attempt to state what the hell is going on in some field or circumstance.

An explanation which is not rigorous, or not backed by evidence, or only by circumstantial evidence or anecdote, is properly called a speculation and not a theory. Speculations are well and good but are not theories.

A theory is a hypothesis (a rigorous explanation) which has been confirmed by substantial evidence.

Ex`pla*na"tion (?), n. [L. explanatio: cf. OF. esplanation.]


The act of explaining, expounding, or interpreting; the act of clearing from obscurity and making intelligible; as, the explanation of a passage in Scripture, or of a contract or treaty.


That which explains or makes clear; as, a satisfactory explanation.


The meaning attributed to anything by one who explains it; definition; inerpretation; sense.

Different explanations [of the Trinity]. Bp. Burnet.


A mutual exposition of terms, meaning, or motives, with a view to adjust a misunderstanding, and reconcile differences; reconciliation; agreement; as, to come to an explanation.

Syn. -- Definition; description; explication; exposition; interpretation; detail. See Definition.


© Webster 1913.

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