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A sysadmin blocks your path.
He wields a Debian disk set!
What an obscure beast he is....

Who the hell is this guy, and what the hell is that funky picture? Well, I'm a network security technician, an all-around Linux and free-software nerd, a moderate libertarian, a passable cook in both vegetarian and omnivore styles, an anime fan, a Macintosh user, a pervert and a mewbeast (or so my girlfriend says), and a few other things besides. Strangely enough, my academic background is in sociology and politics -- albeit with some languages, math, physics, and the obligatory CS tossed in.

Oh, and the funky picture (and my username) come from an on-again, off-again, largely academic interest in occultism, Discordianism, Thelema, High Weirdness, and things of such ilk. I'm a staunch materialist -- or, as I like to say, corporealist -- but I find the symbol-systems that strangely religious people cook up to be interesting in their own right. If you don't grok, get your very own SubGenius Tree of Life --!tree.JPG -- and meditate until your brain sprouts little baby Yggdrasils all over.

What do I node? Anything that comes to mind, really. You'll find lots of computer-related stuff in my nodes, especially as regards information security, GNU/Linux, or Mac OS. There's a good deal of intermittently cynical commentary on religion and mysticism, a smattering of politics, some drugs, not very much sex, and a lot of miscellany.

Oh, and here's a partial list of authors I like: Asimov, Bester, Cherryh, Dawkins, Ellison, Foglio, Gaiman, Heinlein, (I, J, K,) Lovecraft, Morrow, (N, O,) Piercy, (Q,) Rowling, Shirow, (T, U,) Vonnegut, Wilson, (X, Y,) Zelazny. I'll fill in the missing ones soon.