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Wow. I see that Pseudo_Intellectual is plotting and scheming for ways to meet me during my stay in Vancouver. Maybe he could pick me up from the airport...and then convey me at top speed to a heavily-fortified secret location, where I'd go underground for a while to recover the shreds of my sanity. Then, surfacing with a brand-new identity, I'd venture out into the world to rediscover the sweetness of life and faith in humankind (like a tender flower shyly unfurling its petals to receive the healing powers of the warming sun), leaving the sordid past and my old existence behind...

God, who am I kidding! I know so well that the only responsible (and humane) thing to do is maintain my anonymity so that when the time comes, innocent bystanders are protected and P_I may plausibly Deny All Knowledge. There's just no other way (sniffle!).

A wibbleday, a leapday, and a birthday. Today is Herman Hollerith's 35th birthday; he is 140 years old. Let's go februarians!

Thought of the day: How can I be expected to control my life when I can't even control my hair?

A followup to yesterday. I thought the car getting keyed was some sort of random isolated incident. That hope was ruined this morning when the other car was also keyed, this time on the driver's side door. I'm pissed now.

We get to call the police tonite after work, since there aren't any other people in the apartment complex that got keyed, so someone (who I have absolutely no clue who it would be) seems to have gone after us intentionally. What a way to ruin your day and your week.

today is my aunt's birthday! she is the age of 11 now.

Unfortunately, this was not actually a day. When the clock struck midnight at the end of February 28, 2000, it should have become March 1, 2000. But just about nobody knows the official rules of the whole leap year deal anymore, and those who do are too few to have any influence. What are the rules, you ask? Well yes, there is a leap year every 4 years, but not on years ending in 00. For those years, different rules apply, namely that every 400 years there is a leap year... but not on the multiples of 400, but during the years 1400, 1800, 2200, etc.

Some people tell me I'm wrong and that the leap years do occur on the multiples of 400 (and not on the other multiples of 100), and that this is why 2000 was considered a leap year. I very much doubt this, even if the multiples of 400 thing is right. In fact, to anyone who's still alive when 2100 rolls around, I'll bet you $1.29 that that year will be considered a leap year by the mindless masses.

So why does this matter, and wtf cares? It matters because we're putting in days that don't belong there! We're going to ruin the entire calendar! In fact, in about 90 / (3/400) = 12000 years from now, humans somewhere will be making preparations for the fall harvest, and all of a sudden it will be winter, and they will freeze and starve to death because they didn't buy warm jackets yet, and all their food has been frozen and destroyed out in the fields. And that will be the end of civilization was we know it.

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