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  • He barged in and terrified me. The others panicked too much to move which made him yell more. I filled a bag with 20s and 10s. He rushed over to me and I tried not to look at his face. No hundreds, you didn't put any hundreds in there did you? I shook my head. no sir The "sir" made him calmer and then I was the only one he wanted to talk to. He asked what I thought of his Willie Nelson tshirt and I was afraid it was a trap but I told him how much I liked it and that pleased him.

    Later, he sat calmly on the couch with my mother. They were laughing. I was still trying not to look at his face. You need to find yourself a girl like this, a good girl, my mother said, waving vaguely at me, laughing up into his eyes. He thought about it, then agreed loudly, as he did everything loudly. Skinny, with a nice cow ass, just like I like em!

  • The wise old king put his arm around me and I was glad. His beard had been gray for so long I didn't know what color had come before. I started to tell him his house was positioned just like beign at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but I couldn't make it make sense in words, and I realized he had no frame of reference for that anyway. When he kissed me the first time, I almost ignored it, but soon he was insistent - nothing but one arm and his lips were touching me, but his heat and need were overwhelming.
  • We had only previously discussed her body; now, as we sat there on the top bunk, she was wearing only her panties. But I was still distracted by work. I expressed mock disappointment at what I saw; in fact, the body, lovely though it was, didn't resemble the one we'd been discussing. I thought she might catch a draft, so I put my arms around her, before work distracted me again. She shook her leg mock impatiently; I then noticed that she still had an old pair of sweat socks on. She whined a mock whine, "Hold me!", and it sounded almost tuneful. I held her.

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