Wow is also a term used in the field of audio equipment. Ever seen those old spaghetti westerns? They seem to be ok untill you hear the soundtrack, a terrible whining sound is heard instead of a nice violin orchestra, it sounds like and orchestra but somehow it's completely garbled and way out of tune. This is what is called wow in audio-lingo.

Wow is a slow fluctuation in pitch due to mechanical faults in analog recording or reproducing equipment. The rate of wow is usually in the range of 1-5 Hz. With sustained or slow moving sounds (like a violin orchestra), wow can be detected as a slow oscillation of pitch when the frequency variation is about 0.25%. Shorter sounds (like speech) can only be detected at much higher levels of frequency variation.

WOW is also a music compilation series put out by Word Entertainment. I believe it stands for "World of Worship". Basically, a new compilation comes out every year or so, and contains two CD's featuring some music exec's choices of the best songs from the past year. What this means, basically, is 20 "adult contemporary" songs, 5 soft pop teenybopper songs, a Veggietales song, and few nods to the rest of the industry.

Recently, though, Word has been slightly more considerate, and has arranged songs between the two CD's with respect to differing listener preferences. Each of the more recent compilations has a Silver Disc, containing what older listeners may prefer, and a Colored Disc, containing the rest of the songs.

Compilations include:

  1. An interjection expressing surprise, especially delighted susprise, indicating "I'm really impressed!" or "That's really something!"
  2. A (transitive) verb where the subject generates delighted surprise in the object, such that they might exclaim "wow!", as in
    "Max Biyalistok has wowed the critics with his latest play, Springtime for Hitler."

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