It has come to my attention that girls seem to love critiquing on other girls on a wide array of subjects. Being a guy, I can't comprehend this phenomenon. It can start from a simple "Who do you think you are" type of gaze to complete slander, but it is everpresent. I'm not saying all girls do this, but in my classes such as English, French and most other Arts classes where the number of girls outnumber the number of guys tenfold, it is a curious observation.

Notably in my French class where I am literally surrounded by girls, one will start the chain reaction by igniting a spark within female hailing frequencies: the gaze. The gaze is not simply a scan down to up, but it is a frown. A frown on another girl's dress code, her reputation, her attitude and all that which insults the gazer. Once the scan has been completed, she will report her gathered information to her neighbours through a whisper. *Spark* The entire neighbouring estrogenic population looks at their target with brewing hatred.

This system of whispers progresses and transforms into slander.

My French teacher whom I view with great veneration, has, according to the Council of Estrogenia in my French class, "les vêtements d'une sorcière" (attire or clothes of a witch). She wears bright red boots and usually dark clothing. Semi-Goth. She's about 50, but (Goddamn!) she has aged well. Frizzy dark brown hair which the Council seems to dissaprove with a rueful shake of the head. Whenever she enters the class, the army of femmes will plunge their dagger-stares on her and quickly whisper comments to me, or laugh mockingly.

The funnier thing about this phenomenon is that once the solidarity of the Council of Estrogenia has been established within a population, it slowly degrades by the killing of each other.

    "I don't like the way she speaks French."
      /me shrugs.

    "Look at her hair!"

      me: "What about it?"

    "Oh my Gawd! Look at her shoes!"

      me: "So?"

    "Oh look at her hair, it's so nice" (sarcastically)

      me (not receiving message on same sarcasm frequency): "Yeah it is."

Maybe I should hiss like a cat everytime I hear these little comments like in "Summer of George" (Seinfeld Episode).

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