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Okay, the stuff below is old, but I'll keep it anyway. Except for the tracklist, that still applies.
I'm an IT professional now, a Data Warehousing consultant, a big-shot business traveler, carring a BS in CS and Math from Valparaiso University ('03). Ph33r me. Right. Blog is at , if you're interested.


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Next step in my plan: Take a shower.
After that: Homework
Longer term: Classes for this semester -

(I'm a CS/Math double-major.)
Long-term: Graduate.
Long-long-term: Take over Macrosoft. Open-source Windows. Lose billions of dollars.

Student @ Valparaiso University
Majors: CS, MATH
AKA Josue
Fantasy Sports fan
Fundamentalist Christian
Die Hard Cubs Fan
Newbie @ E2
My name's Josh Persons
Someday I'll fill this out better
I know it's really bad

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The Matrix a la VeggieTales
ten commandments for c++ programmers
ten commandments of c programming
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