This is the name of an E2 user and the creator of this nodeshell, but it is also a Cypress Hill song. Tres equis means three X's (ie:XXX) in Spanish, and the song is quite x-rated indeed.
The Spanish-speaking band used it as a chance to spurt out a string of quite bizarre sexual lyricism, masked yet still enjoyable to those who don't know the language.

The first few lines are as follows:

Conozco una muchacha,
Y ella fina,
Trembo y me toca
Tambien esta linda.
Amesta mi lacojo
en la cocina;
Esta muchacha, le chupa apinga.
Yo me dije,
Dame' tu pollo,
Ella me dice,
mira loca,
tu' no eres mi novio.
No me importa, un carajo.

Which translates something like:
I know this girl and she's fine, I tremble when she touches me, she's pretty. She sucked my dick in the kitchen, this girl sucks hard. I said to her, give me your chicken(?) She said with a crazy look, "you're not my boyfriend." I don't give a shit.

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