1. A delectible treat in the legume family, and a common side dish in Southern, Soul and Cajun fare. Black eyed peas have a taste similar to that of pinto beans but are smaller and more curved like kidney beans. I assume their name stems from the fact that they have a black dot in the center of their otherwise light brown color.

2. A hip hop group consisting of three members: Will.i.am, Apl. De Ap, and Taboo. The group is relatively new to the scene; they released their debut and only album Behind the Front in 1998 which met with moderate success. They ended up putting a few of the noteworthy singles to video and going on a small tour with Everclear and a few other bands. When the hype surrounding the album ended, they haven't been heard from since.

In my opinion, the Black Eyed Peas' good points include innovative lyrics, clever rhyming, smooth voices, decent beats on most of their songs and a select few really great tracks on their album.
'Fallin' Up', 'Clap Your Hands', 'Karma' and 'Communication' are a few of these specific greats.

The things about BEP that I could do without include their frequent use of mediocre female vocalists singing repetitive lines for their refrains, their sometimes boring beats and their biting a few styles from other distinct hip hop groups.
Their use of A Tribe Called Quest's frog chirp is one such noteworthy bite.

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