Athens, Texas is the county seat of Henderson County, Texas, USA, and has a population of just over 11,000 residents within city limits. It was established by the Texas legislature in 1850 and incorporated in 1856. Athens was named after Athens, Greece by one of its first citizens, Mrs. Dull Averiette, who now has a street in Athens named after her.

Athens is located in a southern temperate climate, on the border of the pine forests of east Texas, and the hardwood forests of central Texas. Athens has a mix of industries including beef, cattle, and other livestock, as well as clay mining and brickmaking, oil and gas, and manufactering.

Athens is the largest city in Henderson county. It is insulated by 35 miles or more from the larger cities of Tyler, Texas to the east, Palestine, Texas to the south, Corsicana, Texas to the west, and Dallas, Texas to the northwest. This distance allows Athens to attract and retain primary and specialty service industries such as stores, restaurants, and retail centers that are not usually present in such numbers in communities of its size.

My industry, the health care industry, has flourished in Athens. The hospital is far beyond those of the vast majority of communities of a similar size in size, capabilities, diagnostic equipment, and ancillary services. It likely will make a successful transition from a county hospital to a referral hospital within the next decade.

Athens has an interesting history. Among other things, it was the home of Fletcher Davis, the inventor of the hamburger, as well as the Black-eyed Pea capitol of the world. Three major festivals have been hallmarks of Athens heritage:

Because of its unique characteristics, three major nearby lakes, climate, natural beauty, and high level of service industries, Athens has been able to attract manufacturers and higher level service industries that are unusual in otherwise similar communities. It also serves as a bedroom community for people who work in the larger surrounding communities, especially Dallas, and as a popular retirement and vacation-home location because of the large amount of available lakefront property.

Athens has one of a small number of state fish hatcheries. It is a popular tourist destination along with the festivals, the lakes, and "The World's Largest Flea Market" which is situated about 20 miles north in Canton, Texas and centers for 5-7 days around the first monday of each month.

Overall, Athens is a friendly, attractive, and well-equipped community in a convenient location to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and several other large communities. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and has all the amenities needed for everyday life.

I don't ever plan to leave.

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