The Big List of Token Female Geeks

The purpose of this node is to catalog every token female geek who has ever appeared in a movie or TV show. The token female geek is a token character which combines the qualities of the token female and token geek, apparantly in an effort to kill two birds with one stone. To qualify, a character must a) be female and b) demonstrate expertise in at least one subject matter generally considered to be geeky such as computers or engineering. Any character who qualifies as either a token geek OR a token female qualifies. So a token female in a group of geeks would qualify, as would a token geek in a group of females. Depending on the circumstances, a character demonstrating some form of chronic social awkwardness in lieu of other factors may also qualify. Entries are listed alphabetically by first name (in some cases, no last name is recorded). Submissions welcome.

I'm sure there's many more, but these are the ones I'm personally familiar with. Suggestions appreciated.

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